New Yorkers: What's it really like living in New York City?

What do you do for fun, instead of the touristy things? Is it really as bad as everyone says it is? What are the outer boroughs like?

Answer #1

probably hectic and fun or not really.

Answer #2

Its normal, and the days go by very fast, i love nyc, its like u an never be bored, theres always something going on, and the best part is, no one judges you fo the way u are, nd how u dress etc…..i love it

Answer #3

Well, it all depends…if you have family & friends you are usually hanging with them…that is how I grew up til i was 15…we went to the movies…hung out at the mall, and when it was possible we went out clubbing…hehe looked older & women got in free…so was awesome!

When I moved back and was already married it was fun as hell…hung out with my cousin’s & their friends who was a DJ in a club got to me a singer I really loved back in the day her name was Nadia Ali aka iio who sang “rapture” & “kiss you” back in the day! her latest…hope you like it…I guess it all depends on whom you know & whom you hang with because after my divorce & didnt do anything but sob day & night because i was dealing with my depression & was all alone dealing with it!

Answer #4

Fun, always something to do…I dont live in new york, but most of my family does and i go every year..and i can tell you when they come here they appreciate the silence and the spacious

Answer #5

Do they not want to go back to NY when they come there?

Answer #6

mostly they HAVE to cuz they work, they have their doctors there and stuff..but since you know the atmosphere in new york are building and a lot of urban life when they come down to florida it’s like vacation for them..but i know they also like their lifestyle there..its really different in NY you can go anywhere without a car and there is always activities..also lots of resources, such as medic plans and stuff like that that are provided there..compared to here things there are easier

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