California, Chicago, or New York?

I live in Northern California (please see my pictures) and absolutely LOVE-IT but I was just curious, which one of the above cities would you choose to live in if you had a choice and why? Note: I love CA but want to be open-minded about living in other States too.

Thanks for your time and opinion!!

Answer #1

Cali All the way. San Francisco is very nice. Orange County is nice too and I have to admit I like the high desert too its very chill. LOL

Answer #2

I live in new york so of course I would say come to new york but ny is for the fast life. you always on the go. always gotta watch your back. but the sites are great. as for the people…well you can say they are unique :)

Answer #3

To me California seems to be the nicest state to live in though it is very expensive.

Chicago and NY have very nice areas and not so nice areas. That is true of anywhere though.

Answer #4

I was born and raised in los angeles, california but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to live in san fransisco! I love it there!! you’re so lucky ugh. I don’t really like la. it’s pretty dirty, and theres too much drama and gang fights lol. I moved out of there like 2 years ago so it’s all good for now :]

Answer #5


go 9ers..

Answer #6

ugh I recently moved to san diego.. before I lived in chicago I LOVE it.. I want to go back SO bad! so id def have to say CHICAGO!

theres nothing really special about california..the weather gets snow,hardly rain..its a pain..

Answer #7

california seems so much more chill than everywhere else, but I’ve never been there. I want to sooo bad! chicagos ok, nothing really special new york city is awesome though, becuase its SO big and theres so much going on all the time and all these different people, I love it there!

Answer #8

New york is dirty, so I’ve heard. I dont really know about the other two but cross New York out.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Chicago is a great city I live in Chicago and theres always something to do were one of the most recognizable cities in America.

Answer #11

none for me I like the country

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