London vs New York

Ok, a bit of a sweeping question here but just want to get some opinions and probably bias views! But:

London Vs. New York?

Which is a better city in which areas? I know each city has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but I want to hear other peoples views. Possibly people like myself who have been to both (I have been to New York twice, born and lived in London for 12 years). I think it’s an interesting question sinse London got the 2012 Olympic bid over New York (…and paris) and it always seems to be the centre of many things such as fashion, finance art etc.

You can go into as much detail as you like, look at culture etc if you really want!

Jack, 19, UK

Answer #1

id say London. New York is your arvrage big city thats over crowded. and theres not really any really cool sites. but london is beautiful!

Answer #2

hmm…New York: AMAZING shops, clubs, people, apartments, lofts, women lmao. NY is expensive. Especially Manahattan. And that’s it’s downfall. It’s loud… crowded, obnoxious, and the term “the city that never sleeps” is true, and sometimes its overrated and annoying.

London: Gorgeous! The place is stunning. All the old architecture, the castles..everything is just awesome. It’s so culturally diverse, and thats one of its strengths. Fashion central…history central. London is fascinating. It’s downfall is the filth. When my sister was living there and I snot was gray, my hands where gray when I washed them lol. Ick. Oh, and its sooo crowded. But..I dunno I liked it better than NY :)

annnd I think thats it. Haha

Answer #3

I’ve been to London, never touched New York though.

As a tourist, London was great, although the weather was horrible (eww). It was chock full of historical stuff (which I enjoy) and famous landmarks etc

However London was horribly expensive :P. Even right now a greasy bag of fish and chips probably costs around US$20

Based on what I have seen on New York (word of mouth, online) it seems like a better place to live in, in that living costs are lower (if you live in the suburbs, not some glitzy apartment in central manhattan). Poverty seems to be more pronounced there though

If I had to pick one, I would have to pick New York. Statue of Liberty =)

Answer #4

Remember… If you want to explore differnt cultures New York has a lot more then London! I love New York … Been there several times and I will go again! Of course NY has its cool sites and Beautiful skyline views that you will never see any where else … the same with London … you can’t really comapre the two!!! :) if you put Las Vegas and New York … that is some thing else you can compare two big cities … it just depends on what your into !

Answer #5

I’ve never been to NYC :[ But it’s probably a great place just like London.

Answer #6

Id say London because I’ve been there loads, but im sure if id been to ny id say ny.

Answer #7

woww. This is something. New york and London are my FAVORITE places. Your not gunna believe this but, I’m thirteen years old and been more places than a model probably has been. You name it I’ve been, anyways, London is just amazing, you don’t even know. When I’m there, I feel like one of those classy girls in the movies. And it’s just something else. I probably love it a lot over there because it’s COLD. Winters my favorite season. And New York, wowowowowowow. That’s where I am. I live in texas but my heart belongs to new york. You see, I want to become an actress when I’m older. And the new york life seems amazing. I love the feeling when your walking in the streets with all the big flashing bill boards and broadway across the corner. It’s like nothing else. I’d say go for which ever one you want. because its going to be super hard for me to decide where I want to live when I’m older.

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