What do you people think of men writing poetry?

Ok, I write poetry, and lots of the guys and girls I know say its gay. I also draw a lot, and im alright at it, but they say thats gay as well. I find that writing and drawing are the only ways I can express myself well. What do you people think? Because as far as I know im not gay,

Answer #1

to be honest, talking with big words, especially to some girls, makes you come off as a douche and I know what a douche is in the literal sense so dont be a smart ss.. it just suits the point Im trying to drive.. um kinda like a snobby kiss-ss.. I dont know you so Im not saying you are or anything.. just with a large vocabulary and with slower people they can feel inadequate when you have to repeat urself in layman’s terms when they dont understand you and this can cause resentment which would ultimately result in you not having sex ahha I kid of course.. u’ll get the smart chicks which arent fun to f*ck usually but omg is it soo much better to talk to them.. Im more of a numbers man myself but I still have trouble talking to certain girls if they dont have atleast my vocabulary, which I dont think is too much to ask.. but anyway I think Im getting off track.. your not gay.. and I beleive that.. poetry has absolutely nothing to do with your sexuality :P next time someone calls you gay simply reply with “no, your just an ignorant homophob..” and maybe expand with “..because you feel that, for some reason, my sexuality is governed by qualities assigned to stereotypical gender roles” really make him feel like a dumbass and Im assuming its a guy because girls are usually more open-minded and when they arent its just sad…but anyway.. I know that was a lil long but I hope you gained a little insight

Answer #2

Don’t let ignorant bigots discourage you. Personally speaking I fancy men to be better at witting literature than women, especially poetry. And as for drawing, if you look back in history the more famous ones are males. Just ignore the dumb @sses, don’t let them get to you. Oh, FYI, a lot of your chicks enjoy a good poet/artiest(speaking from a chick perspective and experience 1_~)

Answer #3

I love poetry and when men do it I say its sexy

Answer #4

its not gay at all! I find it pretty awesome if a guy knows how to draw, and writes poetry. not many people can come up with good poems, so consider yourself talented :D

Answer #5

IRRISANN its noy gay! all my friends-boys love poetry and drawing and im also into it,well im a girl hehe. Its a talent that you got,the other dont have it ,now they are jelous..And say stuff that are useless..

Answer #6

Its all good, writing poetry is like writing songs and as far as I know, there’s a lot of guy song artists so people really shouldn’t judge. Be creative and forget what other people say badly about a guy writing or drawing because they are ignorant people who can’t comprehend something great :D

Answer #7

I think poetry is sweet and a good hobby I do it myself and so does my boyfriend, but guys think it is gay and if girls are saying it try improving your vocabulary because the bigger it is the less “gay” it is. just randomly look through the dictinary and find uncommon words.

Answer #8

I think its nice. most guys dont express themselves and then they can get angry easier or get upset but they usually don’t express that. but when they write or draw they are happier and can be themselves easier. I have a friend who writes and draws and it helps him get through rough times in his life. I think its awesome that you do that and that you admit it. I also write to express myself with writing and it helps a lot so if people say its gay or that you are, dont listen, theyre just being …holes and are stupid

Answer #9

personally, drawing and writing is not gay, I do them both pretty well I think lol. so no dissing. and when guys draw and write, I gawk at them and respect what they do, because they’re not afraid to show their talents off. I hope my man will have the same intrests, that means being a writer and an artist, because I think it’s super romantic. lol

Answer #10

trust me my vocabulary is rather expansive. and im not just saying that. I’ve had strait A’s in english from grade 3-9. and I do advanced. in addition, I read about 3 books a month, I love to read. I have no troubles with that. in fact lots of the girls hate me for it. my colloquial language is more like what would be befitted of a classroom speech.

Answer #11

Im sure you’ll find a girl that likes your language skills. Although I agree about the colloquial language part.

Answer #12

Ignore them the best poet in my mind being , Edgar Allen Poe, is obviously not gay. Express yourself with it because poetry is the best way to ease stress and block out negative presence.

Answer #13

im a guy and i love to write poetry all the time.

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