Why are their so many windmills in the Neatherlands?

Answer #1

geographically neatherlands is a suitable place for wind energy

Answer #2

The windmill was use to drain the land. The Netherlands, a great deal of it, is below sea level. They built dykes and channels to feed the water to sea.

Answer #3

R thr any other uses? Like yaar said for energy?

Answer #4

What are you going to do with all of that money from asking all these retarded questions?

Answer #5

Dunno, but I crave knowledge so I ask questions, it is better than assumeing things right

Answer #6

And I not only ask questions I answer people as well, answering the questions will get u more points, so I actually answer a lot more questions than I ask

Answer #7

LOL, Hey Just asking. I dont even knoe if you can still get money for points. Never mind me, I am grumpy this morning.

Answer #8

Yes u still get paid, and its cool everybody has a bad day once in a while right

Answer #9

Up until the 20th century windmills were mainly used for grinding grain. There may have been other uses, but I don’t know what. Today in Holland they’re not use as a machine for grinding or pumping, only as an attraction. The last time I was there there are areas where the different types of windmills are only as a tourist attraction. But they never were used for energy. Too out dated now for the modern windmill.

Answer #10

Ok thx so much

Answer #11

I do think this question and answer site has been cheapened a little by the point for cash program. it is an eperiment in human behavior for sure. :)

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