why people design products that cannot be recycled

Ok I have to write a one page essay on why people design products that cannot be recycled. And I ned some help

Answer #1

well you could say that not everything can be recycled. I mean we will evenutally use some things that will not be recycled. I mean I can’t recycle a washing machine. People made machines that helped us. they didn’t think if it could be recycled or not. I mean the microwave, stove, or dryer. Just think about it.

Answer #2

here’s an idea: people would design none green products because maybe it’s cheaper. it would take time and money to change all the companies products to recycable containers. here’s a good lay out for an essay like this:

in the beginning paragraph: make sure you beginnig paragraph includes an opening sentence that catches the readers attention. then explain the topic. next state your reasons.

in the middle: I recomend having atleast three reasons. make sure you explain each thoroughly. do not use a word or phrase to many times (such as recycable); that just doesn’t sound good.

at the end: have a summarizing sentence. state your three reason’s again. then finally, put a sentence saying something such as “but doesn’t saving the enviroment out way all of these reasons?” leave the reader with something to really think about.

Answer #3

People design products that aren’t recyclable because a lot of times there is no way to make something recyclable and still have it work. Most things however are recyclable in some way. Just have to do your research and find out what you can do in your community. People just need to take a bit more time to think about these things. Companies however, don’t really have the money to “go green” that’s why everyone should do their individual part. And any company can find a way to be a little greener than they are ya know? peace!

Answer #4

ummm garbage and dipers and food and old stuff

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