Why are people drug addicts?

Some common answers…

Answer #1

Why some people get addicted and why some dont isnt completely clearly understood… Two people in the same situation using the same drug with the same frequency, and one will get addicted and one wont. And no one knows why. A lot of it has to do with the brain and genetics. Some people are thought to be born more suseptible to alcoholism. Doesnt mean they will all become alcoholics, but under the right circumstances, they might… I guess the easier question is why do people use drugs and why do they abuse them… People start on drugs for a lot of reasons, peer pressure, curiosity, experimentation, they get a thrill out of high risk situations, to feel self confident, to relax, to feel good, and I personally think the biggest reason people use and then continue to abuse drugs is a form of self medication… they have mental disorders like depression, or bipolar or something else and they use alcohol and other drugs to cope with how they are feeling… Usually this gets away from them and they become physically addicted…

Answer #2

people do drugs to spiritually free themselves and find out who they truely r of course you should be responsible about it

Answer #3

Because some drugs gets you addicted the very first time you use it, Like meth. Even if it doesn’t benefit you, the physical addiction is so strong you cannot stop.

But marijuana seems to be the only mental addiction that I know of. It calms people down I think it is a good thing

Answer #4

yeah sme people. are so addicted to drugs because they do not know what to do w/ there life! And then sometimes people. are just so stupid that they pick up a drug smoke it/snort it whatever but they get addicted for NO REASON AT ALL! And then they end up ruining their life!

Love Boo

Answer #5

Because people who make the drugs (meth, etc) make them to be addictive on purpose so that people will get hooked and come back and buy more and more from them. Idiots! Don’t forget…meth is one of the drugs that it only takes ONE time using it to get hooked. Please be smart people…DON’T TRY IT!!!

Answer #6

usually its a way they see fit to solve there problems in fact…it just causes more and anything can be addictive drugs addiction can start from anything from beieng pressured into trying them after someone dying, a break up, some form of loss from depression and related isuues things like that …some people use it as a way to solve there problems…as a relase for them

Answer #7

umm because they try drugs and get addicted to them drugs are addictive

Answer #8

Because they get a high that makes them feel good and that high becomes addictive - they want to feel that way all the time.

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