Drug addiction

Why do so many people think all drugs are addicting? Why do they only say “weed is bad for you because its a drug” and then say its addicting, its bad, it kills etc etc.

Do they understand that illegal drugs arent the only drugs out there? That aspirin is also a drug? Do they even know what drug actually means? Do they know they can get addicted to nosespray and cough syrup? Yes some drugs can kill, yes most illegal drugs are addictive, but drugs only kill if one cant control themselves.

I want to hear users opinions, advisors are welcome also but I pretty much know their thoughts on this subect

Answer #1

I agree with alyboschee and mandyloo.

Answer #2

weed is only mentally addictive. not a physical addiction like alcohol or herion. I’ve been clean for almost a year,although I think weed should be legalized it would probably keep people from going after the harder drugs. I believe marijuana is one of the less addictive and mind altering drugs.

Answer #3

Your right, illegal drugs are not the only harmful, or addicting substance out there … actually anything can be addicting if it’s used to cope with life’s struggles in an inappropriate way … the internet, sex, gambling, food, caffeine, are all legal and normally safe things to use, but have the capability of becoming addictive if used once again, inappropriately. Addiction to any substance usually causes harm to self and those around you. Those afflicted with addiction will dissagree and say they are only harming themselves or deny they have an addiction all together! For example caffeine can affect ones health, gambling can take you from king of the world to homeless in a matter of seconds, the internet can be incapacitating, and yes even sex can be harmful if it leads you to cheat on your spouse, catch a harmful disease and make it so you can’t live a life outside of it …

Recovering from alcohol my self, I know the affliction of addiction well. I’ve been sober three years and understand that addiction is a way of life, and to over come it one has to undergo a life changing process.

Even though I’m not pro illegal drugs, they in and of themselves don’t have addictive qualities, it’s the person abusing the substance that has the addictive tendencies. For instance I went from depending on alcohol to depending on coffee or red bulls … You give me anything, and I see that it does something for me that I like, I’ll use it and abuse it, it’s just who I am … hence why I can no longer drink a sip of liquor ..and why I still have a lot of work to do in the spiritual growth department ..but hey life’s a journey, one to be enjoyed! I’ll take one step at a time :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Answer #4

I have a question for yumiyukai, do you drink soda, coffee or eat chocolate. If yes, then you are putting drugs into your body. All of those things contain caffiene - which is a drug also.

Most people don’t understand what a “drug” is in the first place. A drug is ANY mind altering substances. That includes, illegal drugs, alcohol, caffiene, nicotine (ciggarettes). Ciggarettes are the most common addiction and they are extrememly deadly and harmful - yet no one care that they are legal and almost everyone smokes them. Caffiene is a drug - yet it’s in our drinks, some of our foods, etc.

You have a good point when you said drugs only get out of hand when someone can’t control themselves. Not everyone get’s addicted to things, even drugs. There are plenty of people who can do drugs occasionaly and never get addicted to them and put them down just as easily. You have to have an addictive personality in the first place in order to be addicted to them. That goes for anything though - you can be addicted to anything - drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, ciggarettes, t.v, video games, food, shopping, etc.

I am a recovering drug addict (hard drugs), and peopel are amazed when they find out I am for legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs there is (way more safe than alcohol). It is used for many good things and it’s ridiculous that it should be illegal when alcohol and ciggarettes take more lives than it does.

Answer #5

“why do they only say ‘weed is bad for you because its a drug; and then say its addicting, its bad, it kills etc etc.” Are you saying that some drugs are okay because they’re not addicting? They’re definitely not okay. All illegal drugs are addicting like weed.

I don’t see any problem with asprin/ ibprofen/tylenol though…(if used correctly)

Answer #6

The average person simply accepts the drug war propaganda with no thought whatsoever. The government says MJ causes insanity? Well then it must.

That’s why the average person’s position appears to be completely unreasoned; it is.

Answer #7

natural ways? well uhm cannabis is natural… its still a drug though… that would mean all the plants etc. you take in you against pain is also a drug… again people dont understand what a DRUG actually is…O_o

Answer #8

I don’t take medicine either. if I have a headache there is no reason to take such drugs to make it go away. there are actually natural ways of getting rid of a headache.

Answer #9

Take a nap, eat some food, calm down!!! RELAX!!! pinch your inside lobeXD… Take a hot Shower!!! Natural wayz to cure a headache. one will work!!! :)

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