Who out there has a psyd?

I would like a doctrine in clinical psychology. I want to do the clinical work and counseling and still have a doctrine which is why I chose PsyD. Is there anyone that has one that can give me any advice.

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A doctrine? Alright... If you say so...

A doctorATE in psychology takes between 4-7 years to complete. The main difference between a phd and a psyd, is that a psyd is going to focus more on the applied work, and there's minimal research involved. There are not very many programs out there (as the psyd is relatively new), and very few will provide any sort of funding. The ones that provide funding will be VERY competitive. In general, psyds prefer people to either have some sort of work experience or a master's of counseling before entrance. There are general exceptions of course. Some having graduated from the program told me there was a girl from princeton who had just finished her undergrad at princeton. You have to remember that these are competitive programs, will only take the best, and they're tough to get through. You usually need to complete a dissertation or a project much like the phd, except the phd is will be more research oriented while the psyd paper will focus more on the applied and clinical areas.

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