Where do people stand on abortion?

and why, I need opinions for a project :)

Answer #1

I just did a debate against abortion and I won. I believe it was because I have such strong feelings against it.

so I’m one hundred percent against it and here is some of why: first off, if you’re dumb enough to have unprotected sex, it serves you right and if you feel you can’t handle a baby well that just goes to show how you shouldn’t be able to handle sex either. and if for some god forsaken reason you feel like you absolutely cannot support a child, put it up for adoption. no sense in killing the poor unborn life.

second senario, a woman is raped and she becomes pregnant. she shouldn’t abort the baby even if it would be a constant reminder of a terrible incident. it could be looked at in a light of hey, I was raped but I wasn’t murdered and a beautiful life came from it. but I could completely understand a women wanting to give the baby up. for adoption, that is.

third case, a women has a very small chance of living through the birth and wants to give up the baby so she can keep her life. that is unfair. she has had a chance to be born and live a life while this child god gave the right to life to has not. the thing to do would be to deliver the baby and hope for the best. if she loses her life, at least she did it by allowing her child a chance to live.

so those are the three strongest of my arguments. I’m a religious person so a lot of my reasoning is based on the fact that god gave life to the child and under no circumstances does anybody have the right to take it that chance of life away. it’s murder, plain and simple.

hope I was a good help. =]

Answer #2

I am personaly pro choice…while I myself would never be able to have an abortion…I dont think its the governments buisness to tell girls what is and is not right

Answer #3

Abortion is murder. its illegal to kill people for your own gain, cause you dont want them around, because the person interferes with your life, cause they cause you pain. so it should be illegal to kill A HUMAN no matter where it is. If I threw you in a cage, should I have to right to kill you because you cant get away and you have no say in something that will effect you?

since when was it the babies fault you were raped. why kill it. its not its fault. the rapist will be punished. its like throwing someone who didnt rape you in jail as punishment. its not fair, and it doesnt make sense.

You might not see the baby, but it is there. What if your mother didnt want you. look at all the good things in life, the people you know and love, the great opportunites you have. That child will never grow to know love, happiness, excitement.

what if you were in a building about to be demolished and you cant escape. because the construction workers cant see you your life is not important or worth saving. people for pro choice are hypocrites. cause in those babies little feet they would be totally against it.

that child could do something great for the world, and you cant spend 9 months of your life with something in you to give a child years of happiness. its selfishness. think of others. because im sure as hell none of you pro for abortion would want to have been killed without a chance to live.

9 months of your life= 80 years of another life. Do the math. its worth it. put it up for adoption. your also giving a family who actually cherishes babies lives to be happy. 9 months will make many people happy. stop thinking of yourself.

so having a baby could alter your life? your destorying its life. I wonder which one is worse. you cant change death. Altering can change back to normal eventually. but that baby never had a chance or a choice.

Screw the mothers choice, it should also be the babies. and I know that baby wouldnt want to die. it chose you. dont chose against it.

we are women. we are the ones in the world supposed to be filled with love for humanity in all shapes and forms. dont throw that pureness away. it is what seperates us from men and animals. they kill. we make life. dont be one of them.

Answer #4

I think that if a women is dumb enough to have unprotected sex then she should have to go through with having the baby… but if she is raped then I can see abortion being a good thing.. it wasn’t the womens choice it was raped so then she has the right to get an abortion so that she doesnt have to have that constant reminder that she was attacked by some strange man… also I can see if either it will kill the mom or the baby… if it’s going to kill the mom then that is a good reason.. true she had lived for some time and the baby had not.. but still there is a chance that if the mom goes through with the delivery it will kill both of them… one life wasted is better then two… if the baby is going to die anyways as in if it has a sever birth defect that is not treatable or very difficult to treat and only has a slim chance of actually working then it would be best for the mom to get an abortion.. if the baby is born with that birth defect then that baby feels the pain the entire time. but if the mom has an abortion it is normally at a stage where it doesnt feel anything becuase it is not really developed… if the mom just cant support the baby then she shouldnt have gotten knocked up in the first place and she should either 1) have the baby and keep it or 2)have the baby and put it up for adoption…

I am in a way for and against abortion… there are just a few cases where I think it is the better of the choices

Answer #5

To me, it’s one of the many issues that should be decided at the state level. The federal government cannot possibly make effective laws dealing with things like abortion, reproductive rights, contraceptive use, and sex education.

I also think the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are ridiculous labels that get thrown around in the course of a heated debate. People who are not “pro-choice” are said to be in favor of Dark Ages gender roles and oppression of women. People who are not “pro-life” are said to be anti-moral and in favor of murdering children.

As for my own views, I don’t see how abortion should even be an issue in this age of free sex education and unprecedented contraceptive technology. Pregnancy should very rarely be a surprise; any two idiots can obviously have sex, and if they don’t use protection, they shouldn’t be shocked about the results, be they pregnancy or a nasty STD. That being said, cases of rape and incest, I could go either way on. No woman should be forced to bear a child she did not want to bear; on the other hand, why should the child suffer?

Answer #6

You should give the child up for adoption, not abortion. Who agrees with me?

Answer #7

Excellent point eleni.. And very true.

OK, those who no me on here as a liberal will be surprised that I am pro-life. But my pro-life stance is very different from the right wing knuckle-draggers stance. I consider anyone who cares more for an unborn fetus, than they do for a living breathing person, a hypocrit. To me, you aren’t truely pro-life unless care about all life. Like Death-row inmates, victims od gun violence, victims of unjust wars. I am not even comfortable with euthanasia.

I think the practice of abortion hurts society in the long run. It devalues human life (just as capital punishment does), particularly when used as a means of birth control, which is how it is primarily used. That being said, I certainly also don’t see it as equivalent to murder. Particularily if it is done very early in the pregnancy. I also think the best way to reduce abortion is not through prohibition, but by having progams that actually reduce unwated pregnancy. Like condoms given out in high schools, proper sex ed classes. The right wing mantra of “just say no” is completely ridiculous, and offers no solutions to the problem. In fact it just adds to the problem. Studies have shown that kids who have been taught sex ed and about proper forms of contraception have a lower incident of unwanted pregnancy than those who were taught abstinance only.

Answer #8

I’m really curious why it’s always the woman who was “dumb” and has to suffer the consequences. Why does no one ever talk about the irresponsible male who did 50% of the work? Why does he get a free pass?

Answer #9


Your post represents my position in many ways: pro-contraception and pro-education.

Answer #10

Abortion should be illegal. Its just wrong what someone does to that poor baby. babies are living things, you should not kill them.

Answer #11

There are a lot of “what ifs” that can come from abortion! another reason why I am pro choice is because of the fact that if you make it legal you can make exceptions (such as no partial birth abortions or puting a limit on it) if you make it illegal then it becomes very hard for someone who really needs one to get a safe abortion bceause that falls within the loop holes and doctors discretion

if you are looking for a good web site www.abort73.com while it is a site dedicated to pro life (which means there are a lot of bias’s) I have not found any of their information to be untrue they are very good about citing their sources…it may help you get a better oppinion (if you agree with the site or not)

Answer #12

I believe in abortion 100% although I don’t think it should be used as a method of contraception though - that’s careless and dangerous. But I do believe that people should have an opportunity to correct a mistake that could alter their lives. The reason I believe so strongly is that I don’t consider it murder if it happens before the 12th week of gestation.

There are about 3700 abortions every day in the US. 93% are for social reasons, e.g. unwanted. Worldwide, per year, it’s a shocking 46 million, of which only 26 million are legal. [Source CBR.com] So legal or otherwise, there’s no stopping it.

Answer #13

keelmart… those are all great points if you believe that the mass of tissue is a baby. everyone has a different idea of when an embryo should beconsidered a human life. if the gov’t did decide to intervene and make abortions illegal, young and ignorant woman everywhere would find way to abort without sterile conditions and experienced doctors. I choose to protect life that can survive away from placenta first.

Answer #14

I kind of qualify the idea. I believe that if you get pregnant and are able to take of the child properly (financially speaking especially) it is inexcuseable to abort a child simply because you don’t feel like it. The only situation I feel you are given carte blanche to automatically have an abortion is if you are raped and are impregnated by your attacker.

Answer #15

pro-choice but I completely agree with eleni and jimahl. hopefully, this country will remove itself from the right wing christian attitude we have adopted. those that are the most pro-life should be constantly promoting birth control, yet I never hear them speak a word about it.and I agree that the “just say no” response is ridiculous. I have a son and I made sure that he understood his responsibility.

Answer #16

This is a debate that has and will be brought up again and again and again on here. There is not ever going to be a right or wrong answer because people will always have a diference of opinion. This sort of decision is one never to be made lightly and that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But also remembering that at the time you made this decision it was right for you.

Answer #17

I am to Pro Chioce. I Just Think it is a persons Personal Chioce that shouldnt Be taken away from them.

Answer #18

pro-choice. I’m for abortion

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