Why is abortion bad and war isn't?

if an abortion kills a life and people think it’s really bad to get an abortion, why isn’t it bad to see people dieing in palastene while people think it’s fair to kill a baby who was just born right infront of his/her mom there? why isn’t anyone trying to make the world peaceful?
wars are only making things worse!!!
I keep crying everyday when I watch the news!! do you think it’s fair to kill women, men, granmothers/fathers. babies, children, young guys who are getting married soon or they’re having a baby soon and they end up not seeing the baby or even naming it or knowing it was a girl or a boy, mothers right infront of their children…? do you think all this is fair? and I know you think that abortion isn’t fair cause it kills a life (one life), how about (1,000,000) lives dieing everyday?!! when is this all going’ to end?!!!

Answer #1

All it takes for EVIL to succeed is for Good to do nothing - sometimes you have to gather up the courage to stand up and defend rather than lay down for a threat and be rolled over.

Answer #2

Nirvanafan - Really, the people who go into war know that they could die? You are talking about soldiers, not civilians… the civilian death count SO FAR for Iraq is between 84,218 - 91,889. Leaders declare war, soldiers do their job, civilians die no matter what they feel or want…

Technically, an embryo or fetus is unable to live outside it’s host until it has passed the 24 week mark. Viability is defined as the ability of fetuses to survive in the extrauterine environment… There is no sharp limit of development, age, or weight at which a fetus automatically becomes viable or beyond which survival is assured, but experience has shown that it is rare for a baby to survive whose weight is less than 500 gm or whose fertilization age is less than 22 weeks. Even fetuses born between 26 and 28 weeks have difficulty surviving, mainly because the respiratory system and the central nervous system are not completely differentiated… If given expert postnatal care, some fetuses weighing less than 500 gm may survive; they are referred to as extremely low birth weight or immature infants… Prematurity is one of the most common causes of morbidity and prenatal death.

And I wonder if you fight for the rights of the newborn…better education, free healthcare, free childcare, easier adoption laws…

or is it just about saying that abortion is wrong?

Answer #3

‘leche’ you said: ‘they are at war not fighting for us but fighting for oil’… …do they have to kill people to get oil?

no they dont have to kill people, but apparently they thought it would be the best way…

‘overit’ ‘wanting power, etc.’… …why do you want power? to start a new war in another country?

I dont think she wants power herself, she’s talking about the politicians…

‘ethmer’ ‘people realizing that life is to help each other, etc.’… …when are people going to realize that?!!

uhm well people are stupid and selfish so never…

‘iamcool’ ‘it’s human nature,etc… … it’s NOT human nature!

actually history will show that it is… people want power and control, whether it is part of the survival of the fittest thing, or just a sick twisted sociopath thing, unfortunately wars and murder have been around for a long long time…

‘mellissain46176’ about George Bush being in complete control, etc… … what is he trying to get? whats does he want? he wants me to work for him I don’t mind if he’s going to stop this war (IF it’s him controling it)

what does he want? well considering he has investments in oil and the price of oil has gone up, perhaps he just wants to make money… also his father was beaten back by Saddam so it is possible that he just wanted revenge for his dad…

Answer #4

“leche” you said: ‘they are at war not fighting for us but fighting for oil’… …do they have to kill people to get oil? “zorbot” about happiness on the other side, etc… … how are you suppost to live happy if people are dieing and starving in other countries? don’t you feel guilty? they are always sad! they’re never happy! don’t they have the right to be happy for at least one second?!!! “overit” ‘wanting power, etc.”… …why do you want power? to start a new war in another country? “ethmer” ‘people realizing that life is to help each other, etc.”… …when are people going to realize that?!! “iamcool” ‘it’s human nature,etc… … it’s NOT human nature! “mellissain46176” about George Bush being in complete control, etc… … what is he trying to get? whats does he want? he wants me to work for him I don’t mind if he’s going to stop this war (IF it’s him controling it)

who started this whole war?!! who brought this idea into this world?!!! :’(

Answer #5

no offence but that is is a very ignorant statement. War is bad but really we as a society are so narrow minded that we have not realized it yet. I think if the people in office actually saw half the things that went on in Iraq then they would understand but sadly thats not going to happen. We all know war is wrong but we fight because we want power.. it’s plain and simple. Abortion in my opinion is a personal choice and I think most people do not understand the consequences of it. For most women they feel it’s their only choice and if that ever happened to me I know I would not want to bring a child into this world. I understand where you are coming from but I think people should really take into consideration what they are doing before they have sex so they don’t have a baby therefore there would be no problem. Abortion is a choice and should stay a choice it’s basic rights

Answer #6

Dear Anna,

I know how you feel because I’ve felt exactly the same way. My advice is to learn that as much torment and suffering that may be in this world, there is also goodness and happiness. The news only shows you the bad stuff and forgets to show you the good stuff. THAT you have to find for yourself.

Everyday people do fantastic things to make this world a better place, everyday human beings create and build a better world…unfortunately, these people don’t make the six o’clock news often enough. No one knows if we will ever be able to live in peace on this little planet of ours but there’s a whole army of people working towards that, building that better world and hoping. These are the people you have to connect with, these are the people that will give you strength. Get involved, there are may organizations and associations that need your help to make this world a happier safer place. Get out there, look around you and start building that beautiful world you dream of…I know I am. check this out for fun: http://www.positivenews.org.uk/cgi-bin/Positive_News/welcome.cgi

Answer #7

First of all, disagreeing with the war doesn’t mean you don’t support the troops. I support the troops 100% and am grateful for them sacrificing their life out there. I will send packages, books etc over there whenever possible. That doesn’t mean I approve of the war.

Secondly, anna, you hit the nail on the head. Pro-lifers are obsessed with making sure the baby gets born out of the birth canal (it is a life, a person blah blah). BUT the second it’s born? They could care less. They would vote against the welfare benefits that may feed the child. They would vote for capital punishment. They would vote for loose gun laws which may mean the child they fought so hard for to be born could get its head blown off in a gun accident. It’s all about them being born…and then they seemingly could care less.

And you’re right that these same people are often in support of the war. It’s a selfish mentality, they think that the war over there makes us safer over here—even though there is NO evidence that Iraq was connected to 9/11. We will stand back and support Israel when they are blowing up innocent villages in Palestine, and simply watch on the news, completely and utterly removed. But abortion? Oh that’s murder.

The hypocrisy is painful to see.

Answer #8

You may say the difference is just mother’s skin, but that makes all the difference in the world. Until it is able to survive on it’s own, it is part of the mother, feeding and surviving off her. Until it is able to survive on its own, it is not a person…

Answer #9

War is just human nature. Yeah, it’s horrible, yeah people die and lives and homes get destroyed, but it’s been going on since the dawn of time and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Answer #10

It will end when all people decide that life is about helping each other to acquire the necessities of life which not only includes food and shelter but also the right to be free.

Answer #11

abortion is wrong no matter what…war cant be avoided sumtimes. when terroists crash planes into american buildings I think we have the right to fight back, and not let them win by killing over a thouand american citizens and troops

Answer #12

It’s never going to end. Peoples greed, ignorance and religious beliefs are going to fuel the wars until the world finally comes to a end in disaster. It’s a sad look on the world but it’s true, no one really cares about people. It’s going to get worse. With each person being brought into this world the world becomes worse and worse everyday.

Answer #13

“All it takes for EVIL to succeed is for Good to do nothing - sometimes you have to gather up the courage to stand up and defend rather than lay down for a threat and be rolled over.”

Absolutely right. and that is what happened in this country. Bush/Cheney succeeded because too many good people did nothing. They were able to convince the american people that war was neccessary in order to feed their bloodlust and greed. They are the true definition of evil. When innocent life becomes nothing but collateral damage, there is no other description that fits as well. Pure, unaduterated evil. And anyone who still thinks they were right to start a war that killed possibly a million people, is almost as evil. And certainly could never call himself a true follower of christianity.

Answer #14

metal_head25987 - we did not invade and are not fighting in the country that the majority of the 9/11 terrorists called home. they came from saudi, not iraq.

it is easy for some to protest the death of what is a cluster of cells. it is much harder to feel empathy for and protest the death of anyone that has different values, or a different religion, race, ethnic background, gender etc. than you.

I wonder if all of the people who are against abortion also feel as strongly about the babies in darfur, of which most are the result of rape, that perish each day. . or is it just about AMERICAN cell clusters not african babies.

Answer #15

I always felt that conservative opposition to abortion had a lot more to do with their dislike of sex than their concern for the unborn.

The feeling seems to be that if someone else does something they consider to be sin they should suffer the full extent of the consequences rather than get off easy with an abortion.

They may moan, “think of the CHILDREN” but inside they just want women who find themselves with unwanted pregnancies forced to bear the Scarlett Letter in the form of a baby.

Answer #16

The soldiers are fighting for our country. I have the most respect for them. Yeah war is wrong but if they bring us out of war now who knows what will happen we don’t want another 9/11!! The soldiers are dieing while fighting for our country. Killing an innocent baby isn’t right when you can save it. Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean you have to kill it. There’s adoption better that the baby has a family no matter what other than killing it.

Answer #17

Dear anna13, I dont think it is fair either I think that just because you dont want to keep your baby doesnt mean that you should kill it I mean how would you feel if somone didnt want you so they just killed you on the spot and fyi are troops arent even really fighting for us I heard that they are helping another country and by doing that we are going to get attack because then they get upset with us so you are right war is just making it worse

Answer #18

Because George bush is in complete control

Answer #19

yes I know they’re fighting for your country but that doesn’t mean they can’t do that the easy way!!

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