5 week old won't sleep or stop crying

My son won’t sleep or stop crying! I’m about to go nuts, and I’m lapsing in my memories.. I guess from being so tired. Total today he’s slept about 5 hours in the day (a few for only 30 min, and twice for about 1.5 hrs), and 3 hrs in the night. And that was straight. I’ve burped, cuddled, carried, rocked, changed, fed, diapered, passied, swung, gripe water, gas drops… Everything I can. I don’t know what to do, and it’s only 4:30 in the morning. I am also home alone, with no one to get in contact with to watch him. My cousin’s here, but she’s never even held a baby before today. I just don’t know what to do… Please help.

Answer #1

Try investing in this: http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/prodPlatform.do?id=1

I dont know why I didnt think of it before. It works wonders on most babies.

And here is some information in Colic. http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/concern.do?id=5

Answer #2

I know that you’ve found out that he has colic, and I am glad that you have an answer, but I have some advice in case he gets constipated. In you are bottle feeding him then put a one teaspoon per 4 ounces of the DARK karo syrup in his bottle, shake it up, and feed him. When he hits about 6-7 months then you can give him prune juice.

Answer #3

He has no interest in toys yet… and I’ve done the walking and changing of the scenery. even the usual rocking outside while listening to the radio won’t soothe him like it usually does.

Answer #4

maybe hes ill or bad dream or somthign

Answer #5

I know nothing about babies, but my mum said they used to take me out for short drives and that used to calm me down…

Answer #6

colic do the colic hold look it up on gewgel (google)

Answer #7

I agree with prilly, my oldest son who is now 7 was colic when he was a baby. The good news is it normally only lasts till around 6 weeks. Anyway my son always calmed down when he had a nice warm bath with lavender soap. I also used to lay his belly on my arm, head in my hand with legs hanging over each side of my arm and then rubbing or patting his back.

The wind thing that mysterwolf is talking about is also a possibility. Did you have him outside? Even when they have their heads covered for some reason the wind still bothers them. My middle child (he is 5) used to have this problem. Every time we would go out I would put him in his car seat and cover the seat with a blanket and somehow the wind still got to him. It used to make him cry all night. I have no idea what it does but it does something to them.

If you can’t handle the crying then put him in a safe place and go into another room and calm down. I agree it is hard when no one is around and you have to suffer through alone. Try to stay relaxed, the more worked up you get the worse he’ll also be (they really can sense when their mums are stressed).

Good luck

Answer #8

Thank you all for your answers. He does have colic. I’m glad to hear it only lasts around six weeks! It’s so heartbreaking to hear him screaming, and not be able to do anything about it :[. I found he likes his hair washed! He’ll just stop screaming as soon as the warm water hits his little head :]. As soon as you stop, the screaming resumes. I can’t wash his hair for two hours, so I’ll have to find another thing to do after to soothe him. At least I found something to give me at least a 5 minute break though! LOL.

Answer #9

kids are hard work, try this if it does not work then you need to take your baby to the doctor. take them a bath with worm water before you want them to go to sleep . during the day dont let them sleep the hole day.wake them up most of the day and at night. feed them make sure you burp them realy good take them a bath for about 10 min.them wrap them upput him still dont hold him too much in the day tim e because then they will always want to be held

Answer #10

what I would do is give the baby somthing he/she likes like a phone or somthing just a example or somthing that you know will occupy the baby,pick the kid up and walk it around bring it to the window or open the door and let it see out

Answer #11

hes probably colic..I was when I was a baby and it drove my mom crazy! LOL what helped me was just lay him over you chest and let him hear you breathe slowly and it will calm him down to hear your calm. Dont rock him and do the shhh thing its a strange noise to them and scares them. Just try that and it should help

Answer #12

Take him to a pediatrician so give him a proper diagnosis. It could be colic or wind. The doctor might prescribe a more effective medication.

Answer #13

LOL, the people answering you are used to older babies… Your baby does sound colicy… somethings to try… Lay him over your legs on his tummy sway your leggs back and forth as you softly pat his back… Try a walk out side, bundle him up and cuddle him howevers comfortable and just pace the area outside your home… babies tend to shy out crying when there voice is lost in the big world out there :) If that doesn’t work, and quiet him down… many people use a warm bath… if you have something that smells like lavendar, its a calming scent great for sleep (when you can buy some lavendar baby soap by johnson and johnson)

If he’s formula fed he might be getting upset due to the proteins in some of the formulas… if he’s breast fed… if you ate sometihing spicy or different it might have bothered him. just an FYI…

I hope this helps and you can find some one to let you sleep and calm down… I sympathize, mines 9 months now… and bed time is always the worst, good luck!

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