How much prune juice do i give my constipated 2yr old

How much Prune juice do I give my constipated 2yr old ??

She is in pain while passing the poo. I have read a lot of articles suggesting Prune juice as simple home remedy. I am not sure of the quantity to give.My doc suggested laxative but the constipation comes back once I stop it !!

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my daughter has had this problem since she is born I have never used the juice but I have used sumthing called cow fig if you take it on a regular basis it makes the stools soft and easy to go my daughter swears by it sometimes constipation goes on there diet as well make sure her diet is not high in sugar and sweet things and try not to give her to much drinks what have sugar in them plenty of ceral fruit and water might help her be regular and easy to go and I no this will be hard because of her age but try and give it a go

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