My chihuahua conceived Sept 7th and will be due around Nove 13th do you have any info on whelping puppies. The dog she mated with is maltese and pomarainin she is aslo part pomarainin.

Answer #1

Ok sorry I was at work and trying to hurry, I told you some people would not agree with what happened. But I will not judge, just give you the advice you are looking for. Please make sure you have a spot set up that is comfortable for her. she my “nest” that is when they dig at the blankets. let her, she knows how she wants her bed. you should have Dental floss, bulb syringe, thermometer, towels, This is in case you need to step in. Like I said most dogs will do it all themselves. How many days do you have left? When she goes into labor you will know ( because you been taking the temp) but she will act strange, When she starts to activly push, (yes there is a difference) she should have a pup out no later then a 1/2 hour, if longer she may be in trouble, have a vet or ER clinic, in hand just in case. they will come out in a sac. she should break that open and lick the pup to stimulate breathing and clean it. she will eat the after birth, let her not a big deal. she might. not let pups feed till she is done with labor, I do not recommend a heating pad, you can burn the pups, and your house down, if a towel is wet from pee or birth, with a heating pad they can burn, I like the snuggle Safe’s. I don;t want to blab on so just fun mail me if you need more info.

Answer #2

yes I would keep the other dog away, moms become very protective of there babies, My female will let me handle the babies but no one else and no other dogs are allowed to be near her. when the pups are about 3 wks old she is more laid back. The deal is you want to keep her a quiet and as comfortable as possiable. there are many other things you should be ready for. I am at work right now but when I get home I will add more. You will need an x-ray closer to the due date to see if she can pass these pups, they father weights a lot more then her and because they maybe only 2 -3 they have more room to go. I would hope for 3, that would be the best, my first liter she had 3 and had them with no problem ofcourse they were as big as a lighter. her second liter only one so she had all that room to grow, it is the pups the choose when labor is going to happen. they run out of room and start moving and want out. What kind of advice did your vet give you

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After this is over, SPAY your dog. Over 2 million dogs are euthanized in the United States every year. Why are you adding to the overpopulation of animals? There is no reason to bring more dogs into a country already overpopulated. You are obviously not breeding for the purity of the breed, so what was the point.

Please find good homes ahead of time. Don’t wait until they are born. Also interview the people, visit their home. Many creeps are out there looking to buy dogs.

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What do you want to know. I breed chi’s. how much does she weigh and how much does the dad weigh. I would get an x-ray done around 56 or so days so you know how many to expect. you will need to increase her food and while she is nursing. Has she ever had a liter before? you need to make a whelping box or area for her. I have pic’s on my profile. Need to keep the house quiet. it may upset when she is labor if to many people are there, It is all about her. I would start taking her temp once a day at the same time around 55 days and twice a day when it get closer. her temp will drop 24 hours before labor and may spike up right before. there is much more but I will help you if you need more advice. you may have to help her during delivery also and there are things you may need for that. Most of the time she will do it all herself, however Puglover just had a liter and it was almost the worse case seniro someone could have to deal with. have you ever witnessed labor before, there are video;s on you tube with dogs giving birth

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There are videos of dogs giving birth on you tube and Dr. Jon. he is great he sounds our newletters to you email and they are very informative

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If she is due November 13th, I would wait a little longer on the x-ray. if the skelton if not fully devolped yet the x-ray could harm them, best to wait till 58 to 60 days into pregnancy, but your vet may do it different

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I do intend to spay them when all is over, but I love my dogs as if they were my children I already have good homes for the pups and would never repeat never let any harm come to them. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow for an x-ray to be sure how many she is having. My dogs give me such joy and will be keeping one of the pups. Thanks for your help

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Sorry that I was judgmental but it needed to be said. I do wish you luck with the pups and you can get great advice here about what to do, but I stand by what I said, please spay your dog in the future.

Answer #9

she was about four lbs prior to getting pregnat now she is about 5 1/2 or 6. I had her to the vet and they did a sonagram and saw two maybe three pups. The father might have weigt 10lsb. maybe. This is her first pregnancy and I’m nervous about it. I also have another dog should I lock her up when the time comes?

Answer #10

you may also get the answer or comment, Why are you breeding mutts. Just don’t bother wasting your breath. the deed is done and now you need advice. make sure you find them all good homes

Answer #11

Here’s some info: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/whelping.htm

If you want some more sites just FunMail me and I’ll get them for you.

Answer #12

how far into pregnacey is she?

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