What is the best way to get drunk cheaply?

I am quite a heavy drinker especially for my age. Obviously that is not good but I find that whenever I go to a party or to mates to drink I find myself far more sober than anybody else who has had at least twice as much as me to drink. I have give or take 10 to 12 beers each night. When I go to a party I have at least 3X that. I am simply asking how can one get drunk easily without blowing their wallet? it is somewhat frustrating as alcohol in NZ is taxed, a 12 pack of cheap beer on big special is 12 or 13 NZ$$$ and Im just a student who doesnt exactly make a fortune. Help anyone???

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Here, at the island where I live, we have Bacardi 151 I think… (or 101) Anyway, it has about 76% alchohol in it. Last time I drank 2 cups of half bacardi, half sprite, and I was completely drunk. (and it wasnt even my intention!!) But the point is, it’s not really expensive. I think about 15$ maybe.

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Cheers guys

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Never heard of Maddog 20/20. Havnt tried malt liquor yet either. In NZ we have a massive tax on alcohol which sucks (still beer is cheaper than milk lol!) so it wont be quite so cheap but I’ll be on the lookout for this stuff at a liquor store thanks a bunch mate!!!

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vodka. buy the big bottle of off brand vodka from a grocery store. it’s like 10 bucks, and if that won’t get you drunk, you need to stop drinking.

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I agree with HungryHungryChippo. But you could also consider drinking energy drinks, like Red Bull or Monster. Alcohol is a suppresant so it slows you down not hypes you up as most people think.

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A few possibilities come to mind: alcoholism - loss of any ambition - downward life spiral - just my impression…Hope you make good choices for your future !!

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Try a mud slide. That’ll knock anyone, even the biggest guys, on their a**. I should know, I watched one of my best guy friends (yes, he drinks a lot) get plasted after just four shots. he’s not small a guy. he’s about six four and 210lbs (plays football). don’t know how tall you are but this drink should do the trick. Not that expensive to make and can be stored for nearly a week. Maybe you should consider cutting back on drinking a little. being only 18 and a heavy drinker is not a good thing if you want to be a motercycke mechenic (or at least study it).

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Drink some maddog 20/20. Hahaha, that stuff will punish you. Or try drinking malt liquor instead or normal beer.. Meaning stuff like old english or steele reserve 211. Im the same way and can pound 30 coors lighhts any given night without being fall down drunk, but malt liquor knocks me on my a** everytime. 4 quarts of oe and you’ll be good and tight. Im in fl and they’re only like 1.79 each… enjoy

Answer #9

Ok Piker187 congrats on your 1000th post. I know drinking isnt healthy. I have depression (as in being hospitalised from it) and have meds from it but there are times (such as parties) where I just really want to get drunk but find it hard to do so. Basically what I am asking of the people of this website is to get me drunk lol!

Ok to the people that posted;

Amblessed, I hope I make the right choices for my future too. My dad is a heavy HEAVY alcoholic but I am soon going to study what I love, motorcycle mechanics so I hope that is the right choice in my life as I do really truly love it!!

Oneheartnow, I can too think I of better things to spend my money on but parties arent every week or whatever maybe once every 2 months so its essentally a time to get drunk not drink lots lots whatever else.cording to my mates I am a drinker and intend to live up to that rather than drinking other juices. I didnt want advice on what else to do rather how to get very drunk quickly.

Hungryhungrychippo; A bottle of the cheapest vodka is $43 becdause of NZ tax on alcohol + cigarettes. 37.5%. But I am not keen on Vodka. I love beer and if I have a second choice it is bourbon. Which is also expensive. It will get me drunk but I need about an entire bottle for myself at a party to get decently drunk. I do not believe in totally stopping drinking because if I stop drinking then it still controls me heaps which I dont want. A bottle will get me drunk as but the problem is it is expensive for me as a student. My dad has2X 24 packs a night if not then 3. he is extreme. Thats per night not including times when he tries to get drunk like at parties and such.

Piker187; as above. Plus I have extreme depression which I take meds for but like I wsaid I do not want alcohol controling my life. I do not want Vodka I dont like it but other equivilants such as jack daniels is still expensive. My dad went into that bad alcohol spiral at 13 and I dont want to get that but I still want to enjoy myself with alcohol.

Sarai1989; I want to avoid hangovers. I find myself getting hangovers with vodka or alcohol+energydrinks. Energydrinks do not provide much once you bhave tried P. Its quite a disappointment. although I have stopped the P habbit energy drinks dont provide the hype they once used to. Energy drinks are about $2.00 to $3.00 so about the same as the really expensive alcohol. Alcohol slows you down physically but gives you a hype temporarily.

Ok so thank you guys a LOT for your answers and (somewhat very good) advice. very much appreciated. But basically, how can I get drunk easily? That is my main question.

Answer #10

yup he took my answer, half galln of vodka with get at least 4 people rocked. but like amblessed said. matters how much you like to drink, but if your like me and drink all the time. your life will go into a downward spiral, not reccommended.

FYI, this is my 1000 post

Answer #11

I could think of better & healthier things to spend my money on. Why don’t you start drinking some juices. Fill you up a lot faster and easier on your wallet. Then you can stay sober and still have a good time at the party.

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