What kind of alcohol will get you drunk the fastest?

What kind of alcohol would get you drunk the quickest? And what do you do before drinking it so you dont get a hangover?

Answer #1

Actually, making a biot of your own alcohol or moonshine isn’t illegal in a smll amount. Well, that’s what I heard anyway. DOn’t getr drunk if you don’t want a hangover. Besides, if you drink too much you an get cirrhosis, which can kill you.

Answer #2

noo, the thing about absinth is how you drink it, its not that a strong alcohol, but its the fact that you put sugar in it and light it is what makes it strong, any alcohol thats flammable with a bit of sugar will get you wasted because the sugar intensifys the alcohols strength

Answer #3

vodka and drink it quickly! and when youve finished drink water imediatly afterwards with just one type of food and should mean no hangover

Answer #4

Ever tried Absinthe?

Answer #5

chug vodka and rum

Answer #6

with me its vodka ,whisky,and brandy mixed

Answer #7

I have got to get me some Absinthe! ;)

Answer #8

vodka and whiskey. But if you want to go the hick way, go for moonshine, even though its illegal. Anything with a high %, will get you shitfaced. Bacardi, Smirnoff and Jakc Daniels does it for me. basically anything 40% and up

Answer #9

The biggest % you can find.

And it depends on how much you can take tbh

Answer #10

do not get drunk reed the news how many people do you think die a day from something they did when they were drunk … ya a lot and as for the hangover thing if you cant take the pain don’t play the game . its that simple you will mess up your life if all you care about is getting that buzz ya its great till you wake up and your head hurts and you found out you made a fool of your self or beat some one up or KILLED SOME ONE its not cool DRINK IN MODERATION and if you cant answer a question like this on you one you are clearly not educated enough to drink alcohol

Answer #11

pee and lots of it

Answer #12

yeah vodka!!! it has a huge alchhol level!!!

Answer #13

Spirits are the best! But beers also can get you extremily drunk! All you need to do is drink them fast! Shots of spirits too! But don’t over drink! I was rushed to hospital because I had half a litre of Vodka and Half a litre of brandy! With some whisky and cans before! Try not to mix drinks because it will just make you sick!

Answer #14

Absinthe is great, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that one sip makes me drunk. I’m a lightweight and it still takes me at least 3 drinks to make me silly. As far as hangovers, WATER WATER WATER! Try to keep yourself awake long enough to drink at least 3 glasses after you’re done drinking. Also, make sure you bring some with you to bed, you’ll wake up SUPER thirsty. By the way, look into how to drink absinthe. There are a few ways, not just dripping ice water over a sugar cube.

Answer #15

Usually whatever has the most % of alcohol will get you drunk faster. But speed also depends on how much you eat as well as your body mass. Don’t overdue it though. Be responsible when you drink and make sure you are with close friends in case something happened. You should eat a big meal before you start drinking and plenty of water. Hang overs are caused due to dehydration and when you go to sleep you don’t drink anything for many hours while alcohol causes you to be dehydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water during and after you drink. Have plenty of water the next day too.

Answer #16

White strike is only 1 pound 50 for a litre and you will be fuked if not get another then you wiill be defo and that only costs you 3 pound doesnt taste good so mix it with blackcurent and it tastes good as well as getting you drunk ;)

Answer #17

no no no all wrong absinthe is the strongest alcohol drink you can purchase. its greeen. one sip makes me drunk. try it.

Answer #18

absinthe is illegal in the united states cause it makes you hallucinate

Answer #19

any type of hard liquor. like vodka or tequila. really depends on the alcohol level in the drink. if you wanna get drunk fast just drink straight from the bottle and drink fast. the faster you drink the faster you become drunk. haha.

Answer #20

I asked a very simlar queston but didnt get much answer to the question. However I found that if on the day you eat nothing or drink nothing and in the evening you get a bottle of Jim Beam or Jack Daniels, then your set. Well, anything thats like 35%+ alcohol. I personally am a heavy drinker, and can go through half a bottle of Jack Daniels per night when I really want to e.g. because of my depression but when I really really want to get totally trashed I have about 3/4 bottle of the stuff.) To avoid a hangover (or at least decrease it) try having half a glass of water per beer (or maybe 5 glasses per shot) as most hangovers are due to dehydration. However water will also sober you up a bit. Personally I find I only get hangovers with vodka (weird) dont know why but even then I still have to have large amounts. Happy drinking just dont be irresponsible (yeah right!)

Answer #21


Answer #22

Rum is really the best thing i love to have it .

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