How much wkd would get me drunk?

Im going to a party and I haven't drunk WKD in a while. I am going to be buying the large bottles not the multipack mini ones, so how many large bottles would it take to get me a bit giggly/tipsy?

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I sure as hell can
you drink wkd
if your not 14-16 and or a woman then lool
2 big bottles got one guy I know hammered
tho he had a bit of wine too
so 4 or 5
as it was champagne and wkd is weak as :/

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Depends on how often you drink. If you haven't consumed alcohol in a while you may be back down to, Light Weight status. Haha I'm not sure of what WKD is, or how big their large is so I can't really be of too much help. = /

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