How do you get drunk by drinking vanilla extract?

Is it damaging? Also, how drunk do you it anything like getting drunk from liquor?

I'm not planning on drinking vanilla extract, I am just curious as to how it gets you drunk, and how it's different from getting drunk from liquor.

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I wasn't aware that you could get enough to get drunk off of it. That would be news to me.

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I don't know. I've just heard that somehow, vanilla extract can get you drunk. I curious as to how that works, how much it would take, and if it damaging. Also, how is it different from drinking liquor?

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Excuse my spelling errors, I just woke up. lol

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Yes, drinking vailla extract can get you drunk seeing as how its about 36% alcohol. It doesnt have any health side effects that i know of. However, its a VERY expensive way to try and get drunk seeing as how you would have o drink a ton of it and its not cheap. You also would most certainly puke your guts up since its not made to be ingested alone in large quantities and the taste would be absurdly strong.

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It isnt any different. There's alcohol in it (like any other alcohol). It's about 35%, vodka is about 40%. It's pretty strong. But it's probably quite disgusting, taste wise.

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