What is it like in New York?

I like want to go there so bad it’s not even funny. Actually one of my dreams is to live there But I have no idea what it is like. And I’m afraid that if I go there it won’t be as friggin awesome and just AWESOMEE as I picture it being lol. but if you have been there then please tell me what you think about it.


Answer #1

New York is awesome for a day trip, but to live out there would be really shitty. My brother has lived out there for years, so every few months I go out there and visit him. I also have a friend who attends NYU. But anyway… Its crazy, there’s so many people, there’s so many things to do. its awesome and terrific for a little bit, but if you lived out there first of all you would need lots and lots of money, gas out there was like 30 cents more than right outside of the Lincoln Tunnel. There is a lot of competition, and little stores could be really cheap. Like the one time I went to a chinese resturant right off of canal street, it was only 5 bucks for 5 dishes of food.. and oh my goodness, street vendor seafood is the BEST. yum. take it back to the apartment, awesome.

oh, but I’m objecting to living there because it costs so much money, my brother was paying something like $1200 a month for a really shitty, I mean layers and layers of lead paint on the walls, apartment. two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a tiny tiny bathroom in brooklyn. like wow. in pa, that would at MOST cost you something like $350 a month. and you can’t possiibly have a car out there, since there is no parking, and if you park anywhere in the wrong spot, just once they tow. and wow, you HAVE to wear a seat belt out there. I was pulled over in, I believe, it was the bronx.. that was a nice $90 souvenir. and there is so many people you don’t even know what you’re dealing with. and its awefully dirty in manhatten.. but then of course everything is always open, and you could easily make your way into a bar before you’re 21.

my advice… greenpoint. greenpoint is more or less the polish dirstrict of brooklyn, and its beautiful there. granted everyone there speaks polish, and if you do too, they will take you in. my brother’s gildfriend has a beautiful place and she only spends $400 a month.. a MONTH to live in new york. like what? the only thing is, she’s from poland and polish is her native language. its how she got the deal…

but. yeah. new york.. definately better to just visit, get shady crooked tattoos, and fake vera bradley bags at.

Answer #2

I went to New York for the first time two summers ago. I live in Missouri and it is very different than the suburbs. Of course there are people everywhere everywhere. New York doesnt smell so good and there is a lot of construction going on so there are rafters on most of the sidewalks. There is so much to see it’s ridiculous. We were on Goodmorning America. When you see time sqaure with all of the TV’s and lights on huge skyscrapers it’s breathtaking. It’s kind of a dirty and drab thoughtout different parts of the city. Broadway St. didnt look that great, but I guess thats where the best shows are. When you go you really dont want to drive. They really do drive carzy there, while taking the cab from the airport I thought we were going to crash several times. You have to ride the subway, it’s great, you buy like a month pass and can ride the subway anywhere any time. Its fun too. Its fast. It is very confusing though so maybe you can learn the trains before you go. The subway tunnels are creepy but there were actually people singing and playing instuments for money in them. Central park is so beautiful. Go to the top of the empire state building. The shopping is fantastic there are clothes and shoe stores everywhere and they have amazingly cheap prices for cute trendy clothes. When you go in stores there there is a person that stops people when come in the store with shopping bags from other stores they take your bags and leave them up front until you are ready to leave the store. The NBC tour was really cool, they take you inside and give you a tour of the different studios, you get to see the Saturday Night Live set (it’s so small). There is so much. I like the city but I would never want to live there because like I said it is pretty dirty and stinky. police and ambulance sirens go off all night (im not exagerating). Going to ground zero was crazy. it was sad and also if you didnt see the towers before they fell you dont really know what part you are looking at and the space that they were in is so small, you just cant picture them there with out acutually seeing them. Its so weird walking up to it because you saw the same street you are walking on was filled with ash and papers and things. it’s shady because of all of the tall buildings, the statue of liberty looked smaller than I expected. There are so many places to go and things to do, one trip is not enough to explore everything, I really want to go back.

Answer #3

Hell I live here in new york. its not cool, I need to get the hell out before its to late, the weather sucks, polluted water, there never anything to do. The only good thing is there are no poisonous bugs or snakes. Except rattlers

Answer #4

A giant monster just attacked the city. It’s a state of emergency. In addition to the monster’s destruction, the military’s efforts to destroy it are also the cause of severe damage. Necessary? Yes. Effective? Unknown at this time.

Answer #5

When I went it was winter.. and it was cold and stunk really bad!!! there is a lot of young people there… its a great place to go shopping and theres a lot of great places to eat… its a good place to visit for a week or so but other than that I wouldnt recomend it

Answer #6

I just went a few months ago and it was sooo awesome! Everything is very interesting and there is just excitement all the time! Some people love it, some people hate it; it all depends on you. I hope you get to go one day!

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