What..I just want to know if what im eating is good or not?

Can anyone tell me if what im eating is healthy for me or if I am overeating? I only eat when my stomach growls. This is what I had to eat today: Breakfast- porridge and rasperry and cranberry breakfast juice. Mid-morning snack- cheese toastie Lunch- jam sandwich, capri sun and hald a dairy milk bar. Afternoon snack(about three hours after lunch)- porrige and cranberry and rasppery breakfast juice.

Ok so thats what I’ve had to eat so far and every time I eat its because my stomach growls. Im 7 and a half stone, fifteen years old and my height is 5ft 6. Is my motabalism faster, am I overating? Am I eating healthily Someone please give me some advice.

Answer #1

Ok basically no you are not eating healthy, in fact the only healthy thing you did eat was the porridge.

In order to eat healthy, barring allergies of course, I suggest stick with the porridge, switch from the sweetened drinks to pure fruit juice (orange being you best option) eat whole grain breads, switch the jam to unsweetened peanut butter (barring allergies) snack of fruits and vegetables instead of dairy milk bars and sweets, high soluble fibers, such as apples, pears, oatmeal, and whole grains will keep you feeling fuller longer. Basically eat natural foods, dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables, not manufactured or processed foods. I hope this helped you.

Answer #2

that does not seem like over eating to me if your worried about gaining weight (most girls are) just make sure you get enough fiber to poo out as long as you poo once a day your not gonna gain weight

also a side note all that stuff your eating sounds REALLY healthy keep eating like that and you don’t have to worry sister lol

Answer #3

‘’all that stuff your eating sounds REALLY healthy’’

In what universe would this be considered healthy eating? There is not a single fruit or vegetable represented in that entire day. No vitamins, no minerals, no fiber – you’re basically only consuming fat and sugar.

If all you’re worried about is caloric intake, no, you are not overeating. But you are a long, long way from eating healthily.

Answer #4

From: http://www.bspcn.com/2007/07/31/16-ways-to-eat-healthy-while-keeping-it-cheap/

  1. Switch to Water. I drank huge amounts of soda daily for more than 15 years. Then I started Strength Training and switched to water:

    • It’s healthier
    • It’s cheaper

Quit the soda & drink water. Take a bottle wherever you go.

  1. Consume Tap Water. Check the price of water on your tap water bill. Now check the price of bottled water. Quit a difference, isn’t it? So why are you buying bottled water?

    • Cleaner? Not necessarily.
    • Better taste? No, simply a matter of Adaptation.

Bottled water companies get their supply from the same source you do: municipal water systems. It’s like selling ice to Eskimos. If you don’t trust the quality of tap water, filter it yourself. I use a Brita Pitcher. One $7 filter cleans 40 gallons water.

  1. Eat Eggs. I always have eggs at breakfast:

    • Full of vitamins
    • High in proteins
    • Low in price

Don’t believe the Eggs & Cholesterol myth. Dietary cholesterol is not bound to blood cholesterol. Want to make it cheaper? Buy a chicken.

  1. Eat Fatty Meats. Fatty meats are cheaper & more tasty than lean meats. You think it’s not healthy? Check the Fat Myths:

    • Fat doesn’t make you fat, excess calories do
    • You need a balanced intake of fats: omega 3, 6 & 9

I’m on the Anabolic Diet, I buy beef chuck instead of sirloin.

  1. Get Whey. The cheapest source of protein. 70$ for a 10lbs bag lasting 4 months. Nothing beats that. Use whey in your Post Workout Shake to help recovery.

  2. Tuna Cans. Canned tuna is cheap & contains as much protein as meat. Alternate tuna with eggs, meat & whey. You’ll easily get to your daily amount of protein.

  3. Buy Frozen Veggies. I mostly buy frozen veggies:

    • Take less time to prepare
    • You don’t waste money if not eaten in time
    • Can be bought in bulk for discounts & stored in your freezer

If you can afford fresh veggies, then do it. I go frozen.

  1. Use a Multivitamin. Pesticides lower the vitamin levels of your fruits & veggies. Two solutions:

    • Buy organic food. Expensive.
    • Use a multivitamin. $10 a month.

Choose what fits your wallet best. I take the multivitamin.

  1. Fish Oil. Omega-3 is found in fish oil. Benefits of omega-3 consumption include:

    • Lowered cholesterol levels
    • Decreased body fat
    • Reduced inflammation

You need to eat fatty fish 3 times a week to get these benefits. Time consuming & expensive, I know. Try Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil with Lemon flavor. One teaspoon daily. You’ll be ok.

  1. Buy Generic Food. The box might be less attractive, it’s certainly more attractive to your wallet. Brand-name food will always be more expensive. You’re paying for the name. Get real. Food is food. Go generic.

  2. Buy in Bulk. Think long-term. Buying in bulk is more expensive at the cashier, but cheaper in the long run:

    • Gets you discounts
    • Saves time
    • Saves car fuel

Invest in a big freezer. Buy meats & veggies in bulk and freeze them.

  1. Go to One Grocery Store. This grocery store is cheaper for meat, that grocery store is cheaper for veggies, the other grocery store is cheaper for fish… How many grocery stores are you going to, trying to find the cheapest food? Think!

    • Time is money. Stop losing a day shopping.
    • Cars don’t run on water. Lower your fuel expenses.

I get all my food in a big grocery store near my place. It hasn’t the cheapest price for all foods, but it saves me time & fuel.

  1. Make a Plan. A classic, but worth repeating. Everything starts with a plan.

    • Make a list of what you need
    • Eat a solid meal, don’t go hungry
    • Go the grocery, get what’s on your list & get out

No need to take your partner or kids with you. This is not a recreational activity. Just get your food & get back home.

  1. Take Food To Work. Ever counted how much money you throw away buying food at work daily? Start preparing your food for the day on waking up:

    • Get up earlier
    • Eat a solid breakfast (like Scrambled Eggs)
    • Prepare your food for work in the meanwhile

Total time 30 minutes. No stress during the day about what you’ll be eating & you get healthy food while sparing money.

  1. Eat Less. This one is obvious. The less you eat, the lower your grocery bill. If you’re overweight, get on a diet. Your health & bank account will thank you.

  2. Don’t Buy Junk Food. The last one. Stop buying anything that comes out of a box, it’s:

    • Unhealthy
    • Expensive
Answer #5

It doesn’t sound like you’re eating unhealthy at all. When you wake up in the morning, first thing, drink a glass of ice cold water…that will wake your metabolism up. Then through out the day eat 5 - 6 smaller to medium sized meals. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner with small snacks in between. I’m sure your metabolism is working perfectly fine at 15 years old. And most importantly stay active! Try to get outside and play sports or run, go to the gym or go swimming, dancing. There are many different ways of excercising…even for people who don’t enjoy it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I think for lunch you may need to eat something more than just a dairy milk bar. It is unhealthy to over eat but it is also unhealthy to undereat. Then your body starts storing fat. Good luck to you! And try not to stress yourself out about it, you only live once…so if you find yourself craving a cookie in the middle of the day, it’s okay to have one :)

Answer #6

nope eat more healthy like more fruits and veggies, and less food who cares if your stomic is growling sometimes that doesnt mean your hungry.

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