Why do people assume that pitbulls and staffys are dangerous?

Why do people just assume that pitbulls and staffys are dangerous? I have a pit/staffy cross and does she look dangerous? I dont think so.. why do people assume that it is aggresive even before it is trained.. and why dont people get it into their heads that any dog will bite you and be vicious if you train them to be however if you love and care for them properly then they will be the sweetest dogs.

I watch a video on you tube the other day and it had 2 labs that had been trained to fight and they were going at each other just like the pits…

Im sory for the rant, but it just gets me so mad..

Answer #1

There are many other places this question has been posed … look through them for the longer answer. The main reason is IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY… lies about the breed and statics of bites etc…

Answer #2

The press, my dear, has done more misalignment toward Pitbulls than anything else in the world…second in line, are the people who either train them (or ignore all training…ie socialization) to be either mean, or in the second example…fearful.

I’ve had German Shepherds all my life…people are afraid of them, also…Even Moj, the pup I have now…and he’s the first GSD I’ve ever had, that I would stake my life on the fact that he would NOT bite anyone…even to protect me…people stiffen up, like he’s in attack mode…with a frisbee in his mouth…silly geese, people are!!


Answer #3

pits and german shepards can be the worlds best dogs if they are owned by the worlds best people…I have two pits who I honestly believe would do nothing if I was attacked..LOL…and they are the best but people who dont know them tag them as killers as soon as they see them…its just another show of how ignorant we as people are

Answer #4

Here is why - I am getting really annoyed with these dumb small minded people talking bad about pitbull terriers. I have owned a red devil pitbull for 14 years and I also have two of her puppies from birth. Firstly, there is no such thing as a mechanism which enables them to lock their jaw it is a myth. Next thing is they are the same as humans. If you breed ANY ANIMAL or human to be violent, then they will indeed be violent. My dogs have grown up with love and affection and their only goal is to look after my children and please me at every opportunity. Naturally these dogs wil excell at any task given to them which unfortunately includes fighting. The dogs that attack humans you can guarantee have been either bred for fighting or have been ill treated. The police are quick to ban pitbulls but why not man dobermanns who have a history of more murders than pits? Any why have they not done post mortems on pits? This would prove they are born with perfectly normal brains and do not have some fantasy cells which would make them any more tempremental than any other dog. Also I would like to make a comment on the recent death of a young girl in England. HER UNCLE WAS INVOLVED IN DOG FIGHTING!!! He was purposely breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fighting!!! So how do you think those dogs were kept? I will tell you, he was probably kept in a dark cupboard most of the day and tossed raw meat. Beated with metal rods at every opportunity, sliced with a knife to get him used to pain tied to a treatmill for hours on end and beaten if he tried to sit, trained with a sleeve that fits on a persons arm and told to totally tear it apart or get beaten, starved for days to encourage anger, tell me, how would you react to humans if you had an opportunity to be around a weak one for a second if you were treated this way? WAKE UP PEOPLE and do some research!!! Oh and just for the record, my neighbours son would be dead today if it were not for my dog who jumped in the sea to drag him out, its funny when I wrote to the papers about it they didnt want to know. The police need to take some responsibility and instead of destroying loving pets, go after the breeders that breed for fighting dogs, go after the organisers of dog fights and go after the owners that abuse their animals. But no its far easier for you to say its due to the animals nature huh!! BASICALLY THE POLICE CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO STOP THE DOG FIGHTING AND DOG BREEDERS THAT BREED FOR FIGHTING AND UNFORTUNATELY CAUSE PITZ ARE SO STRONG THEY ARE THE MAIN FIGHTING DOG, IT IS FAR EASIER FOR THEM TO JUST SAY YOU CANT HAVE THAT DOG!!TWATS I HOPE SOMEONE PUTS THEM DOWN!!!

Answer #5

People make dogs mean, not dogs. People are ignorant sometimes just as they are prejudice out of ignorance.

Answer #6

honestly I dont understand I live in grandrapids michigan and three people got attacked by 5 pitbulls.The thing that gets me most is they were a couple liviing in there car with 5 pitbulls…HELLO who just lives in there car with 5 dogs ?? Now everyone is saying how harmful there breed is.When truth is it’s not the breed itself it’s lowsy owners who dont know how to train there dogs.Im so sick of hearing how mean pitbulls are when its not pitbulls it’s the owners who just get dogs to show them off and dont give them proper traing.The dogs behavior is in the owners hands not the dogs any dog from the smallest dogs to the biggest cant be dangerous.I’ve had my pitbull for 13 years and I have a 6 month old puppy and they both sleep with me every night…they can sit outside with me without a leash and have never attacked anyone or any dog..unlike the dog down the street from me (which is a doberman) that has chased countless amount of people down the street before..I’m so sick of the Pitbull breed being discriminated against

Answer #7

your so right!!! magictink!! I have 3 german sheperds and people just asume they are dangerous too, if somebody tried to attack me then of course my 3 sheperds would attack that person but they are so well behaved!! I take them out for a walk every day on a big field an I shout them over an tel them DOWN! an all 3 of them lie down on the ground until I tel them they can move lol they are really well trained! and it has something to do with the upbringin of the dog! on how they are!! no need to say sorry for the rant because I complelty understand where your comgin from! liek this 1 time, I took my 3 sheperds for a walk to the shop, and to get to this shop you had to go through a small gap, and this woman pshed past me with a pram and you could clearly see I had 3 big dogs with me! an she kiked off at me saying they where vicious an I was like “YOU STUPID F*KIN COW CAN YOU NOT SEE!! I HAVE 3 BIG DOGS WITH ME! AN YOU PUSHED PAST ME!!!” an she was going on about they need 2 be put down but they never even did anything!! so there was a big argument in the street lol

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