What do you think about the pitbull issue

What do you think about pitbulls being put down because they bite people I think it is wrong usually from what I believe they usually attack after being tormented or have crappy owners like us they have breaking points too and can attack every time a murderer kills he doesnt die so what make it right to kill dogs. And some states are trying or have banned them which is wrong all the pits I have met are sweet and loving like last week I went to a church with my friend to get her pup’s shots and there was a pit who had gasoline poured all over her and lit on fire she is missing half her fur and an eye she has to take lots of meds but she is actually one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met so thanks for reading my rants about it please tell me what youthink about the pit situation

Answer #1

If they have demonstrated to be an overly aggressive animal - it must be dealt with for public safety.

Answer #2

This is a deep and troubling subject. I think that it is one that must be dealt with on an individual bases. It depends on the dog and the breeding of the dog and the dogs back ground.

I do not like the idea of any animal being destroyed just because. For example there was a time all black Boxers were gathered up and destroyed, this was to keep the breed pure.

But there is a problem with the Pit Bull that many of us do not know about. That is if we do not know the background of the dog. These dogs are bred for fighting. If the pups did not display the aggression that Pit Bulls are bred for, they were to be destroyed. Timid Pits where not to be saved. So to keep the breed pure they have been bred with a jaw like a steel trap.

The History of the Pit Bull


Do believe the dogs should be destroyed? No. Do I believe there should be some control over the breeding of the Pit Bull and Who owns them. YES!

Not because of the dogs but because “STUPID PEOPLE HAVE STUPID WAYS!”

Answer #3

I agree with magichalo and amoeba…

When Pitbull were originated, they were bred to be strong, wily and dog aggressive…HOWEVER…if a Pit showed ANY aggression towards humans, it was destroyed. As inhumane as the “sport” was back in those days, the breeders KNEW that to have a human aggressive Pitbull was folly.

Nowadays, many many of the Pits are products of backyard breeding…nobody cares about the temperment, or the bloodlines…get into the slums, and the most aggressive are bred to the most aggressive. It’s only been in the last 25 years that Pitbulls have gained a reputation. (There have been OTHER dogs in the last 100 years, who also have had this type of bad rap…in 1900, it was the bloodhound…also in the early 1900’s the Husky and the Malamute were infamous for their “unprovoked” attacks on man.

What we dog people know about Pitbulls, comes down to the same conclusion that was found with Hounds, Husky’s and Malamutes…their treatment BY mankind, was precisely what made them attack man.

The CDC did a big study on “Dog Fatalities”…and found that 1) the term “Pitbull” was used many times in the press, when in fact the dog either wasn’t a Pit at all, or there was any resemblence to any type of bully type dog. 2) That “Pitbulls” didn’t even appear in dog attacks until the late 70’s…Indescriminate breeding, and the socially “flawed” people who use them for intimidating other people, and media hype are at the root of the downfall of the Pitbull.

To kill a dog simply because of breed, is like rolling back to the middle ages…


Answer #4

I dont think that they should be put down. Pits are just like humans, they dont always do the right thing, as she said they do have a breaking point, and I believe that if a dog attacks someone it is because they are being bothered by that person or their owners dont treat them right. I agree with her on this one to because every 7 out 10 humans murder someone and they dont get put down. Only 3 out of them actually get put down! And I think it is ridiculas to ban the from some states! are they going to put them down if they accidently wonder into the wrong state?! So thats what I think…

Answer #5

rickd, the breed itself isn’t mean its the individual. Editor is right it is almost like racism the way people assume EVERY pit it bad. It is a shame because so many people will never get to know the joy and companionship of a pitbull just because of a bad reputation. The way a dog behaves is the responsibility of the owner. People train pits to be agressive because they are very strong dogs and can be intimidating. My pit recently died at the age of 16. She was an absolutely terrifying looking dog but she was the most gentle thing I’ve ever known. I grew up in a very bad neighborhood and my dog protected me and my sisters like we were her puppies. Once she even saved my mother from a convicted rapist. It sounds farfetched but its the truth. The guy walked up and grabbed my mom from behind while she was walking the dog. My mom was able to run away while the dog had the guy trapped in a corner while a cop came and arrested the guy. That’s 100% true. My pit was my absolute best friend and like a sister. The reputation they have as a breed is completely undesirved.

Answer #6

It’s messed up, and almost like racism. Two of the sweetest and most loving, great with kids, totally trained dogs at my shelter are pits.

They’re illegal in my county, so we can only adopt them to people from other counties.

They sit in the shelter, day after day, with minimal chance of being adopted. And they’re wonderful dogs.

Answer #7

Right on magichalo! Your knowledge about dogs is wonderful. :)

We have a very large amount of pitbulls in my region and until recently had an animal shelter that automatically “put them down”. We have a new director and he stopped that horrible practice and evaluates each “pit” that comes to the shelter. Breed specific laws are dangerous and cruel. They put the blame on the animal and not where it belongs…on the owners. Each animal should be evaluated.

Answer #8

I think pittbulls, like any dog, have a breaking point. I don’t thin any dog is more likely to attack than any other. I think the problem with these’ fighting dogs’ is when they do go, they really do. and you have very little chance of coming out unscathed. I don’t agree with any dogs, and I think they all have the right to live and breed etc, but what I do think is that these dogs, which are used by some people as threats or weapons are more dangerous, in effect. and worst still, if they do attack, it is them that gets put down…

animals, generally are provoked, but as I say, the power in dogs, such as these, is amazing…

so no I don’t think they should be put down, but I aslo think that any dog can turn, and if they do, then you’re screwed!

Answer #9

I dont think they should be killed just because they have the potential to kill. Doesn’t everything? If you push anything far enough it will eventually give in. Dogs like the ones that michael vick abused are victims not monsters. Hypocrite organizations like PETA who say his dogs should be killed are absolutely insane. Luckily a REAL animal rights organization took the pits in an rehabilitated most of them completely. PETA is a shameful organization. It frustrates me when people try to blame an abused dogs behavior on the dog. The owner is the one responsible for training them. Nothing should be put to death for acting how it was forced to act. The fightdogs were trained to fight for their lives. Michael vick is a disgrace.

Answer #10

Its breedism

Answer #11

I can’t speak for editor, but I am mad also. Dogs, innocent except for bad owners, are killed. gassed, shot, lethal injection… All because many owners are MORONS and train (or don’t train) them to be the kind, loving, smart animals they are. They hang them to increase jaw strength, they use bait dogs to increase aggressiveness, they beat and taunt them to attack… The owners are rarely punished or caught… They should be the ones in the cages (jail) not the dogs…

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