What do i owe society?

I am an ex-con who is trying very hard to regain employment. I have not committed any crimes that I have not paid for in an 8x10.
I don't want to ever go back to prison. I was released in 1996 and been living with my mother ever since. I help her out as much as she helps me out and im greatful. But I am unemployed for over a year and I can't seem to get a job. Im 45 years young single and willing to work. I have a ged, cdl license, and fifteen years experience in cutting hair as a barber., but no finances to gain a license in the state of florida. What does a man do? I just want to move on with my life with a simple 9 to 5. What do I have to do?
Help bighuricane.

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frist off, caps bug me and makes it hard for me to read[thats just me]
secondly you dont need to go back to prison, just be smart and dont do anything bad!!
thirdly I can see its very hard for you te get a job, and I think its slim that youll get one[no effence] but go for the barber one, and when you go on interview if they ask if you have been in jail or whatever they ask[I don't know bc not old enough to work] say yes but explain why and show them that youve been good for a years or however long its been.

after that if you get a job, get your own appartment, find a cute woman for you, (:

hope everything works out for youu

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