What are the two types of twins?

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identical and nonidendical
theres also someting called "mirror twins" I have a twin brother and we are sooo nonidentical twins!!!

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there are atually 4 types of twins:

identical- always the same gender, same DNA and COMPLETELY identical
fraternal- can be either the same gender or 2 different genders, and they are the only twins that can be a boy and a girl
siamese twins- conjoined twins that were supposed to be identical but the egg they started from never fully split
mirror twins- these twins are mirror images of each other (ex. a mole on one twins right cheek is on the other twins left cheek)

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Feternal and Identical ( dont knoe if I spelled them right )

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identical (they look alike)
fraternal (they don't look alike)

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identical (they look alike)
fraternal (they don't look alike)

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Identical and fraternal twins are the two types of twins.

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identical twins
conjoined twins
non identical twins

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Identical - Dizygotic twins
Fraternal - Monozygotic twins
Conjoined twins - Siamese twins

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Parasitic twins
Semi identical twins
Molar twins
Partial Molar twins
Half twins

Among non-twin births, male singletons are slightly (about five percent) more common than female singletons. The rates for singletons vary slightly by country. For example, the sex ratio of birth in the US is 1.05 males/female, while it is 1.07 males/female in Italy.[10] However, males are also more susceptible than females to death in utero, and since the death rate in utero is higher for twins, it leads to female twins being more common than male twins

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