Can i father twins if they don't run in my family?

what are the chances of my producing twins? there is no history of twins in the family. my girlfriend is pregnant with twins. I'm not sure, I could be the father.

please advise

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I don't think the ability to produce twins is a hereditary one. I know a lot of times they will run in the family, but I don't think it's necessary to have that family history in order to have them.

If you're concerned that you may NOT be the father of the twins, you should have a serious heart-to-heart with your girlfriend. Try and open up the communication and have her be honest with you. If all else fails, paternity tests are pretty accurate.

Good luck.

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The gene for producing twins isnt with the father, its with the mother.
Identical twins are when the egg splits (Something the father is no part of cause it happens about 2 weeks - a month after conception)
Non Identical is when there are 2 eggs released and the sperm penetrates both eggs.
So shes probably not cheating.
Its all to do with her genes, not yours. calm down =]

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Dear littlereggie,
Of course, Many times it skips generations. The big question of course is why are you questioning it? If there is doubt in your mind she was with another then you as stated get a paternity test done.
Sue...good luck

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I know for a fact that twins have nothing to do with the male! And ONLY fraternal (non identical) twins run in families, not necessarily skipping a generation. So either way, if she is expecting twins they definitely could be yours because that process has absolutely nothing to do with the father's genes. Identical twins are not inherited either, that is the splitting of one egg into two.

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good news- YES YOU CAN! twins are not always genetic. many times they are caused by foods she's eaten or something... plus its in the women's genes... not the man's! so youre good.

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Hmmm... I hope you got your birth year and gender wrong. But you have bigger problems if you are that unsure of your girlfriend.

However, fraternal (non-identical) twinning is somewhat hereditary, but only on the MOTHER'S side, as it is caused by the mother releasing two eggs at once, that are BOTH fertilized. Maternal (identical) twinning is simply a chance happening.

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