What could it be when a vehicle turns off on its own when driving it?

Answer #1

The battery.

Answer #2

that happened to my uncle and he brought it to the shop and they fixed it within a day. i think it was the battery

Answer #3

Probably the battery, have you left the lights or radio on?

Answer #4

Many years ago, when we had a Toyota motor it would do the same thing. The problem was fixed by a motor electrician–a poorly-made connector in the engine was overheating and this was causing an open-circut to the electrical system.

Answer #5

It can be more than just the battery….it could also be a choke sensor…they get dirty and they can stop working….my car kept doing that, and I took it in many times to no avail. Then I found a mechanic who figured it out. I had to get that sensor cleaned every year.


Answer #6

If the battery isn’t charging while you drive, then your alternator is shot….not to mention, if your battery is dead, it takes a jump to start it.

Answer #7

Does “BAIT CAR” come to mind?

Answer #8

Out of gas or your battery has dropped low.

Answer #9

Bad ignition switch or any number of loose wires under the hood.

Answer #10


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