What exactly is a vegan?

What exactly can’t and can a vegan eat? And don’t answer by saying nothing made of animal. I mean specifically. Like pizza, chicken and so on..

Answer #1

They can’t eat eggs, meat, milk, really anything made from an animal.

Answer #2

oh yeah! geliton is made of pig bones

Answer #3

they cant eat eggs, cheese, milk, or anything an animal labored to make. Pretty much all it leaves is water, and fruits and veggies. and most vegans dont cook there food because thats just there beliefes I guess. but yeah.. pizza is okay but no cheese, and no pepporoni, so its just bread and sauce. lol. but good luck with that!!

Answer #4

Vegatarian is an old native American term for “cant hunt” LOL Eat that!!!

This ad paid for by: “beef, its whats for dinner”

Answer #5

They dont eat any animal products of any animal by products

an animal product = something the animal died to make (any form of meat) and by product = something the animal didn’t have to die to make but it still came from the animal (cheese, milk etc… marshmellows, chocolate…) theres a lot of stuff

so basically if an animal has ANYTHING to do with the food, it won’t be eaten.

Answer #6

A Vegan can eat pizza, as long as it’s made with vegan cheese substitute and not real cheese, and as long as it has no meat toppings. To be a true Vegan, you really need to make all your own food from raw materials, or you can’t be sure (or buy it from Vegan markets/restaurants).

Answer #7

Oreos are vegan, and ritz crackers, purple doritos (sweet and spicy) and burger king’s french toast.

I know, weird but true.

Answer #8

a vegan doesnt eat any animal meat or anything with animal ingrediants or by-products (like milk) things include all meat (including chicken and fish) chcoolate (milk in it) cheese, dairy products, they also dont wear anything from an animal or made from/with an animal by-product in it its impossible to say everything they dont eat and use because so many foods contain animals by-products and so many items contain them as well just read the lable and if theres anything of an animal, or anything from an animal then dont eat it

Answer #9

What they eat:All sorts of plant based foods: vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds. There are vegan alternatives for all meat and dairy products.

What they don’t eat:Anything that comes from animals.

A true vegan doesn’t eat anything derived from animals or insects. Examples: any dairy, (milk, cheese, whey, yogurt, kefir, eggnog). Eggs in any form, (from scrambled eggs to a doughnut which contains eggs). And obviously a vegan must meet the criteria of a vegetarian, in that they don’t eat any meat, (and yes this DOES include chicken, fish and any other sea creature).

Some things often overlooked by people are:

Gelatin; which is in almost all gummy candy some breath mints, marshmallows, and many cereals.

Vitamins and vitamin enriched products (almost everything processed.) Vegans should make sure to take a vegan multivitamin and B-12 now and then, especially if you usually don’t eat very much.

Honey, it’s kind of like bee puke, yum!

You need B-12 to live and it’s not readily available via food to vegans, do yourself a favor and take a B-12 tab now and then.

Plant foods do NOT contain cholesterol… Cholesterol does not exist in a vegan diet, thus you should see a doctor if you have concerns about having low cholesterol.

Vegans won’t eat any meat, eggs or dairy(milk, cream, cheese) products.

Courtesy of WikiAnswers.com

Answer #10

no dairy product such as: milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and any thing else that comes from an animal, chicken, fish basically any sort of meat that comes from an animal. and instead of eating meat they get there protein from different supplement such as: tofu and beans and lots of other things, hope that helped a bit.

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