What should I do to the unhealed virus on my laptop though I did upgrade the antivirus?

Answer #1

What do you mean by “unhealed”? The antivirus is finding it but wont let you remove it. Or is the antivirus just not finding anything??

Answer #2

well I mean the antivirus is finding it but it won’t let me remove it T.T any ideas what to do?

Answer #3

Well if your antivirus has an option for a boot time scan try that. It should scan before windows completely loads, and so the antivirus can remove files before windows locks them down.

What antivirus are u using btw??

Answer #4

ooh I see that…I’m using avg 2011 and malwarebytes anyway (:

Answer #5

How do you know it is a virus? What is your computer doing? Can you get into windows? What brand and model is your laptop? Depending on all of that. What I would do if I was you is to save all your data, like your pictures, videos, documents, emails and anything you may think you will need. Find out and write somewhere all your log in information and passwords. Specially the log in information that you will need for your ISP.

On most laptop, there is a hidden, area in your hard drive that by following some easy instructions, will return your laptop operating system and all of the software and settings to how it was the day your first bought it. This is not the windows system restore feature but a more powerful tool that will format your hard drive from scratch and will return everything to the day it was purchased brand new and the laptop will do it all by itself after you accept the warning that your data will be erased.

I would need your laptop brand and model to guide you or you can follow the tutorial at the manufacturers website.

Answer #6

if it is malware then just get ad-aware….it will take care of that…it’s free & you can download it I just did it on my brothers lappy bcz he had nothing on it so I just went to google…typed adaware and clicked on the download link, saved it to my desktop & then installed it ran it & it found 3 malwares and deleted them restarted my comp ran the antiv to make sure all was gone was a ok then restarted again & vwallllla no need to go all crazy & format anything or make urself loose any data & what not! Easy simply 123 basic knowledge!

Answer #7

No offense dude, but Wow, arent we getting way ahead of ourselves?Before going all professional on her & prob scaring her… What happened to basic baby steps before we format?! Then have to reinstall so many things…save the girl a headache by starting it 1 step at a time…if all fails then get all confusing as to format & stuff. :) Who knows she may just need a tiny lil touch up of cleaning the cookies & files and be all good…wouldnt it be a shame to make her format then have to reinstall what ever progs she needed back. (just my opinion, please dont get mad) thanx in advance.

Answer #8

pretty simple (; a must try then,thanks a lot anyway!

Answer #9

Its trojan horse so I think its kind of a virus,right? Yes,I can get into windows.The problem is just I can’t remove the two infected files :/ this is my old laptop its Acer Aspire 4720z.Though I think there’s no big deal with it,but I just feel bothered sometime after the schedule scan finished it detects the same those two infected files.Both avg 2011 and malwarebytes detect the same files.But they won’t let me remove…

Answer #10

if you cant remove it from normal boot you have to perform a virus scan in safe mode.

its very easy…. as teh system is booting press F8 and select ‘safe mode’ and then press enter.

once booted open your anti-virus software, scan, remove and reboot… done.

Answer #11

Ooh yeah I forgot to try this way…thanks a lot anyway (:

Answer #12

anytime hope it helped!

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