What material would work best for a small electric boat?

I am working on a project with my two boys over the winter to build a small 2 person electric boat. I want to keep it light and low in the water, has anyone done this?

Answer #1

I would suggest plastic for a toy boat

But if you meant full size to carry one or more passengers - fibreglass hull, or an inflatable dinghy.

[ However, I claim no particular expertise in this area. My suggestions are merely an educated opinion. ]

– Best wishes - Majikthise

Answer #2

Another possibility, that is very popular with young teenage boys is to build a coracle: it does not really matter too much if it looks a bit co.ck-eyed [ as many things do when you let young lads have a go at it ]. I have done this several times with kids aged between 10 and 15 - always with great success and wonderful enjoyment using them. Never tried putting an electric motor on one though.:


– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #3

I was thinking of building a frame in very light aluminum, then take and cover it in a canvas, then go over the top of this in fiberglass, or epoxy. I would also like to use a belt driven inboard design, that way I can change the ratio easily on the prop.

Answer #4

i have never made a boat but i would say the material that small model boats are made out of, isn’t that a sort of plastic? x

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