Twins... true or false?

Is it true that every third generation in the family is more then likely to give birth to a set of twins?

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I want to make a point: Having twins is not the worst thing in the world, and being one, I do not appreciate people saying its "scary".
Now, it is more likely for twins to have twins. Especially if there are twins on both sides of the couples families, or if one of the people in the couple is a twin themselves. I am a really good choice for twins because I am one and because they run in my and my boyfriends family. It doesnt alwasy skip a generation, and a lot of times the second child is miscarried before it is even discovered. That happened with my brother and his twin.

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FALSE!!! Twins can show up at any point during the family line. It's actually a myth about the whole 3rd generation thing. Anyone can have twins. It all has to do with genetics, what foods you eat, and luck.

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OMG.. I don't want to hear this... EVERY member of my family, (I have heard them talking to eachother) they all said that I could be a good canidate for twins! O_O

I don't know how they came across that info or anything.. but it scares me. O_O

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Well, it can't always skip a generation because my dad is 1 of 5 kids and there's a setof twins in there and there's already a set of twins that are my siblings, another set of twins on the way, and I'm a triplet, so...

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Lol, no...
There is a genetic link between having twins though... so you're more likely to have twins if you are a twin, or if there are twins in your family

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I thought it was that it skips a generation... like if your mom ws a twin it skips you and when you get married and have kids you will have twins...

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I don't know. I'm a twin and in my mom's side of the family there's no twins.

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so is that second gerneration??? I think it is

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