Can one conjoined twin die while the other lives?

Is it possible for one of the twins to die while they are still attached and the other twin stay alive. If this can happen what happens after that.

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I dont think its possible because they live off of eachother. Their cells are connected and without enough blood supply they will both die.

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Well the other twin will start to pump its one blood into tha dead twin than that twin will pass to

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Its possible - generally it happens, but the other twin dies not long after because they share too many vital organs. Usually Doctors would try to separate the twins so that the living twin might live a "normal" life, but they don't always manage to do it in time. If they do separate successfully after one twin has died, it would he a huge adjustment for the surviving twin, and I could understand why in many cases it would be an adjustment they might not be willing to make. I guess the living twin could sign a "Do Not Resuscitate" form in that eventuality, meaning they could follow their twin and Doctors can't try to save them.

In this day in age, if doctors can separate the twins with a change both will live, they will do so at the first opportunity. If they can't, it is because too many vital organs are shared, or that their bodies are entwined in such a way that to separate them would mean killing one, or both twins. If one twin died anyway, it changes the ballgame and means separation might be more successful, but there's a catch - doctor's don't have much time to prepare for the surgery, and its a race against the clock.

Very tough situation.

Conjoined twins
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It is possible - tough decisions would have to be made - a case I know of cojoined twins about 25 years old or so (joined forehead to side of head) have agreed if the other passes, they want to also...tough situation.

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