How do I turn up the turbo on my factory turbo charged Miata?

I have had the car since it was new, but now that it is just my toy. I just want a little more power out of it without putting thousands of dollars into it.

Answer #1

This is my toy I need the help on.

Answer #2

If you have a Mazdaspeed Miata they have already done all the easy things to squeeze more horespower out that don’t compromise reliability or livability too much.

Think of your engine like an air pump. The more air it can pump the more fuel it can burn and the more power it can produce. Anything that helps air move through easier will produce more power. Freer intake or exhaust will let it breath better and cooler air is denser so cooler is better. There are aftermarket intake, exhaust, and intercoolers that will give you a few ponies but any of these upgrades will set you back at least a few c notes.

Chances are the biggest gains will come from improving your driving skills. Going to a performance driving school and learning how to better use the power and handling you already have will add more to your speed than incremental gains from inexpensive upgrades.

Answer #3

I know, I have looked into this and it is about $3500, that is good for about 150 more horse power to the wheels, a total of 320 HP. As far as my driving skills, I usta drag race with my father, and I have traveled the autobahn at over 240 KPH. I just would like a little more torque to play with, the 4 cylinder in the car is nothing like the v8s of my pasted.

Answer #4

I hate turbo’s. They are so hard on motor’s and always seem to end up burning them out way before the motor should see the end of its life.

Answer #5

Well its a factory turbo, and I have put 100K miles on the car. I have ran blown and turbo cars for years with no trouble, and as long as you big the engine to handle it, there is no trouble.

Answer #6

To me it is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. I’d rather drive a moderately powered car all-out than drive a supercar 50%. The joy of driving a Miata is a perfect 4 wheel drift redlining it out of esses. I test drove a RX-8 a while ago on a makeshift autocross course and man was it fun revving all the way to 9,000 RPM! All rev and no torque but lots of fun. For torque there is no replacement for displacement. If you really want torque there are outfits that will drop a V8 into your Miata. It adds surprisingly little total weight to the car but gives you plenty of torque. Save your nickels.

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