is it true that in some parts of africa they sew girls v@ginas shut and burn off their clitoris?

Answer #1

Yes it is true, there are parts of Africa and the Middle East which do this. They does this to the female so she can stay faithful to the husband. I think I need to take a shower now to get rid of this disturbed feeling.

Answer #2

Female genital cutting is a historical part of some traditions in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Clitoridectomy is the surgical procedure to remove part or all of the clitoris. Infibulation is the sealing of the vagina, labia minora and sometimes labia majora are removed. Some of the rituals are to preserve virginity, some are to stop women from experiencing sexual pleasure so they wont cheat on husbands, some of the rituals are initiation into womanhood. It’s done for all sorts of reasons.

Answer #3

I’ve heard of this

Answer #4

I’ve never heard of sewing the v@gina shut but they do perform procedures where they remove the clitoris so that they don’t feel pleasure. They do this so the girls don’t have sex before marridge and stay faithful to their husband. It’s disgusting. Espesially because they do this when the girl is an infant or young child and doesn’t understand

Answer #5

Please excuse all spelling errors XD

Answer #6

there is a place in the world for just about anything disgusting

Answer #7

Yes is is true, I did a project on this not too long ago.But they dont burn it off.They take little girls who dont have any choice what so ever to get theyre clits cut off.There is 3 or 4 stages of it and it depends on the tribe to have far they go in the stages.After they get there clit and/or other parts cut off they then sew it together and on their wedding day the husband himself or his female relatives cut it open.They do it so they dont feel anything during sex, they stay faithful, and its use as a ritual for women hood.Some tribes have a special lady that does it, and the worst part is they are not even put to sleep during it or take anything to make it numb.And the lady will use anything to cut it off.Even if its dirty as long as its sharp.If you want to know more google FGM or female genital mutilation.

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