What Are Your Thoughts On Chevy's?

Yes This Is My Dream Truck, I Do Prefure Ford But I Found This And Fell In Love

Answer #1

ok well here a story chevy’s r like your name they are fallin apart u need a ford or a dodge

Answer #2

I prefer Nissan or Ford :]

Answer #3

go with a ford stay american

Answer #4

man … i really like this truck to the other truck i saw had some rust on it … oh wait no i found another one …. omg its a ford…. <3

Answer #5

I want to stay ford but look at this baby shes so purrty … but hey then again … its my life .. and i dont want to end up in a car accedent or brake down on the highway …

Answer #6

yeah thats is true so just becareful if u do get the chevy u might have to replace a part ever 50 miles u never know

Answer #7

r u from Texas texasman1988?

Answer #8

no i dont think i am. lol just kidding, why you ask?

Answer #9

I think Chevrolet right now is the best car company in the U.S. Fords… well they look good I can give you that, but in all honesty, their quality is lousy. They use cheap steel, so not even 10 years old they’re rusted something terrible, whereas Chevrolets they rust too but not as fast. Dodge is the way to go if you like repair bills AND rust. The best way to determine what the best vehicles are is to go to some place like where I live that they use salt on the roads; only the strong survive. I’d buy a Chevy in a heartbeat.

Answer #10

Love Chevy’s. It’s all my grandpa will driver, all my dad drives, just about all the rigs on my friends farm are Chevy’s. Both rigs I have own are chevy’s (83 Caprice Classic that sadly caught fire b/c of a wiring short I kinda cause, but it had 270,000 miles on it :P and now a 90 s-10 pickup - with about 115,000 on it - almost brand new). One of the nice things about Chevy’s if your doing your own auto repairs is the parts are fairly easy to find. Take any chevy/gmc/gm pickup or suburban between like 76 and 88 I think and just about everything is interchangeable. Its the same with cars. Hell I pulled an alternator outa a 79 chevy pickup with a 350 and put it in my 83 caprice classic. fit perfectly on my 305. This makes finding parts if something does go wrong easier and cheaper at both auto part stores and junk yards. Even if you use a mechanic it will make your repairs cheaper because the parts a more common, therefore less costly in most cases. I have heard some horror stories about fords. My uncle (who used to be a mechanic) went down to get a drive line for a ford pickup - was a mid 90’s(i don’t remember the exact year). Asked them from a drive like for 199x pickup. they said which one. that truck had 3 different drive lines put into it depending on which part of the year it was made.

Oh and as bananaonion91ion said about the salt he’s right. I live in Montana - they salt the roads 7 - 9 months outa the year. On average when I glance around most rigs that are made in the 80’s running around here are Chevy & Subaru. All the Doges and Fords you see are all shiny and new. You know what that says to me - their old dodge/ford is dead and hey had to get a new one after 10 years.

I keep hearing these commercials for Toyota to that have people bragging about 150,000 or 120,000 miles on their rig. IMO 100,000 miles has a vehicle almost broke in. Break 200,000 then its well used. When your pushing 300,00 then its getting a little tired.

Although with any makes of vehicles I feel anything newer isn’t as well made. I like my 90 s10 (just wish it didn’t have a computer) but much newer than that and there is way to much plastic on those rigs. I want steel not plastic! I don’t want my rig to ‘crumple’ around me when i hit something - I want to to run over your plastic little car! and keep on going :D.

Sry that was a bit of rant there, but that’s my option. :P

Answer #11

your name is texasman1988 …and well ya ..

Answer #12

trust me we got salt on the roads during winter … i in iowa and my dad doesnt mind going down to like texas or alabama to get me a truck

Answer #13

i dont blame u about the rant i cant stand little cars i have this wierd fear of siemies when ever we pass one on the highway i actually shudder … and i hate it the only time im not scared is when im in a truck. and i know about salt (btw montana is awsome but u know that) im in iowa so we get the salt and snow here. and thanks you =) my dad got in a car accident with a kid he had a little car (the kid) and my dad was in the suburban and the kid was going like 35-40 and my dad about 30-40 and the kid turned into him and my dad almost like ran over him … the other kid got charged too =)

Answer #14

Ford is the way to go

Answer #15

I learned how to drive in that 83 Caprice Classic. I think i got in a total of 4 wrecks ( I was kinda bad driver at first). But I drove away from everyone on of them, and the most I had to do was put in a new radiator. After it caught fire I gave it to a friend to run in a demolition derby. It still drove outa the pit onto the trailer after that. It is a beast of a car. And yes Montana AWSOME. idk if I have been through Iowa tho. :P.

Answer #16

haha my dads got this huge truck i wish i could have it but its like $50,000 …. 6wheels 4 doors and is like 7 feet tall not kidding its awsome though =)

Answer #17

yah my dad had a 74 chevy dualy 1 ton that was custom built to pull a 40ft 5th wheel trailer. He loaded 2 tons (literally) of gravel on that, then had a guy pull out in front of him. Hit him at 50 - didn’t even dent his bumper but just destroyed the other car. Good thing he hit the back half of the little car or the driver would have been dead - crash cage or not.

Answer #18

ive never owned a dodge before but everytime i see one on the road its always smoking from the exhaust. to me that says something. fords, all i own is fords, I have an 05 F350 4x4 6.0 Turbo Diesel, a 95 Thunderbird with a 289 small block, and an 89 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition w/ a 5.6 windsor ive driven chevys before but didnt like the way it drove or looked. but thats my opinion. never had any problems with my fords,

Answer #19

lol ok

Answer #20

Found on road dead? Driver Returns on Foot? F’d over Rebuilt Dodge?

no thx

Answer #21

Cheapest Heap Ever Visioned Yet, Can Hear Every Valve Yell, yeah they have some for chevy and dodge. Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter,Damned Old Dirty Gas Eater, Dead Or Damaged Greasy Embarrassment

Answer #22

o and Chevrolet Chews Heads, Eats Valves, Races Only Little Electric Trains and dont forget toyota The One You Ought To Avoid !!!!

Answer #23

thats y i am getting a truck its metal not plastic.

Answer #24

you forgot my favorite: Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time ….. BUT IT STILL STARTS!!!!

Answer #25

some of those are pretty good. I’d put in my favorite for Pontiac but I might offend some ppl :P

Answer #26

They are very reliable! As long as you keep up on the maintenance. I actually prefer Chevy’s over any other make.

Answer #27

put it, if they get offended they shouldnt have read it

Answer #28

ok :P…….Pontiac: poor old n!gger thinks its a Cadillac

Answer #29

still needs to be a older truck tho. Too much plastic & light metals in these new ones.

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