Which truck should I get Chevy, Ford, or Dodge?

I am looking for a one ton truck that I can pull my boat or camper. I want one that gets descent mileage, but has great pulling power. I was thinking about the chevy duramax diesel.

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F150 :D

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Well I need a 1 ton, my boat is 35 foot.

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When the boat is loaded with the trailer it weighs around 1300 LB, I would never want to try to pull this with a half ton truck, I also think I need a 4x4 to get back up the boat ramp.

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It really depends on what your preferences are and what you read for reviews online, etc. Personally, I prefer anything from GM. Supposedly right now for the money, the best fullsize truck you can buy is the Ram. Yet, most Chrysler products have reputations for bad transmissions, front ends, and a lot of other things. I’m not saying GM is perfect, no. Cause GM products tend to have lousy electronics and bad door hinges. Your profile thingy says you’re in Texas, so rust wouldn’t be an issue (like it is up north, can’t get a ford to last 10 years). I would recommend either a Chevrolet/GMC or even a Ford in your case. Compare numbers, test drive, whichever feels better manuverabilitywise go with that one.

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Dodge RAM. they are so nice, and so much better in my eyes.

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I have been thinking of a Chevy, I think I am tearing up my Escalade trying to pull this boat. I also have been looking at that duramax diesel, with that I do not think I would feel the boat.

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I fell Dodge is the most bang for the but, but I do not feel there trucks hold up. They seem to rattle a lot after a couple years.

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Gm… forger that. The ford trucks are built pretty well but after a few years start to break down a lot. Dodges are pretty nice and tent to hold up pretty well.

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You probably wouldn’t.

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Dodge’s have ALOT of transmission problems, i should know i was stupid enough to get one and it was always getting repaired…. Chevy’s i guess are pretty good also…. Fords don’t have alot of problems (idc what anyone says about that) it’s true, if your looking to ahul stuff & or ride in class fords the way to go

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