1932 Chevy

Do I need to use a lead additive in the fuel for my 1932 Chevy 194 cc 6 cylinder engine?

Answer #1

By all means! There is no lead in the fuel nowdays and there needs to be for the old engines, because lead, even in the minute amounts, was a cushioning agent for the valves in the heads as they open and then close under extremely fast times. They do not slam shut, but are lifted and lowered by the camshaft in precise amounts of degrees as compared to the crankshaft. The best thing to do is take the heads to a reputable mechanic and have them replace, especially, or only the exhaust valve seats with stellite valve seats. They are tough and will take the beating and heat much better. Even then, with the higher compression ratio older engines, a lead sub additive may cost some, but it will add power and lessen the cause of predetonation (pinging). Have fun, and glad to hear of more old iron still on the streets!

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