What would be a cute and unique theme for our baby girls room?

We were going to do ladybugs, but chris’s brothers girlfriend whos having her baby two months before me is doing ladybugs. Were looking for something unique…not precious moments or flowers or anything overly pink and girly.

Answer #1

You could do butterflys, Stripes, polka dots,Swirls, umm monkeys, elephants?

Answer #2

Bubbles :D Or i know this is going to sound REALLY cheesy, but maybe stars & planets? Her name is going to be Stella so that sounds like Stellar :D which is related to stars :)

Answer #3

I know it’s cliche but, Teddy Bears. Or if you’re looking for something more different then frogs, or turtles - they’re uber cute. Or you could base it around the animal kingdom in general and have pretty zebras, giraffes, piggies, sheep etc on the walls. It could look really sweet (: or i’m just weird and it’s probably a good thing that I won’t be having to decorate a nurser for a good 4 or 5 years minimum. ahaa

Answer #4

We did a black and neon color girly skull room for my daughter. Everything was handmade though even her furniture. I also did a spider themed room for my niece. There were cobwebs all over and a huge black spider cover in diamond accents. I did a nature scene room for my other niece. We painted a tree and flowers on her walls and even put up wood to make it look like a picket fence. I did my friends daughters room in a jungle theme. Plus I have done a ocean theme, beach theme, nightmare before xmas theme, rugrats theme, hans christian anderson story theme, a bride of frankenstien theme, and so many others. They were all for girls. So if your crafty you have tons of unique options. If you pick a theme and need ideas just funmail me. Decorating kids rooms is a hobby of mine.

Answer #5

I would have to say teddy bears as well, perhaps stars on the ceiling or just one of those night lights that have the shapes of the stars and moon that spin slowly.
Also can have wall paper that consists of birthday cakes, cupcakes, everything white with a bit of pink or she will hate pink as much as I do because of that! Perhaps a rainbow & a tranquil blue sky with white clouds?

The options are really endless with all the stickers out there to decorate kids rooms. my best advice to you is to head to your nearest shopping mall & or Ikea store & get a picture of how they decorated it. You’ld be surprised on how many ideas you can get of just visiting kids stores in the crib section.

good luck.

Answer #6

Kind of like a carnival theme. Fill the walls with colourful balloons & maybe cool rides like a jumping castle etc ..

Answer #7

Clouds with bumble bees and lady bugs or birds flying around the clouds or fishes in an ocean

Answer #8

A forest room would be really cool. You could paint the walls with trees etc and paint her crib green to match. Chairs in the shapes of leaves, and you could even incorporate ladybugs as you could paint a big spiderweb on one wall and have bugs etc crawling through the room. Once she gets older you could replace her lightbulb with a green light if she still likes the theme, and you could get her bunk-beds and attach fake leaves to the top bed as if it’s a tree-top. You could even put a plant like a ficus (easy to maintain, don’t use a lot of oxygen out of the room, and look fun haha) and attach some little plastic bugs to it.

Answer #9

Daisy’s. they are supposed to represent childish innocence, you could incorporate ladybugs and butterfly’s and stuff into that too…

Answer #10

I like the carnival theme idea. Maybe the carousel horses and the farris wheel. Maybe an ice cream stand, paint on the walls.

Answer #11

i dont have a baby, but my room has a light blue background with splattered purple and green everywhere. i love it. then the room at my dads has chalkboard paint on half of one of the walls. i guess a baby doesnt really need chalkboard on her walls, but its still cool!

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