Redoing my room, need ideas for a beach theme

I’m going to paint my room green and blue, like the ocean. And I want to do like a beach theme.does anybody have any ideas about what I could do to have the beach theme. Cause I really don’t know,a and it would be a big help if somebody had some ideas. Haha. Thanks.

~ tela [[xoxo]]

Answer #1

You could paint sand along the bottom of your walls. Buy some summery/beach paintings or pictures for your walls. I have beads on my door that have flip flops, palm trees, and tiki lights on them. Maybe a surfboard border. I have hawaiian leis just hanging certain places. If you want a chair in your room, get a beach chair. Lots of bright colors. If you have room for a small hammock. :)

Answer #2

You could glue sea shells on the border of a bulliten board. You could nail some weathered boards to the wall spaced out to make it look like a beach fence. You could get some funky shaped clear vases and fill them with sand.

Answer #3

you can also try a straw mat or straw carpet thing those cutrain things you put on your door with hanging beads that you walk in and out of get some nice looking bottles and fill them with sand or shells…or both you couls also get a big canvas board or chipboard and paiunt it od stick/glue things like shells, sand, charms, photos ect on maybe even a wooden boat model

Answer #4

I have this string of little tiki lights that hang around my closet door, I love em. you could do somehtign like that.

Answer #5

Picture frames with rope around them, sea shells, an anchor on the wall, a life saver (innertube) you see on life guard stands, sea gulls hanging from the ceiling fan, flip flops, star fish, a BIG picture of a sail boat, beach towels on the end tables LOL, uhhh maybe a pretty light house lamp…I love nautical things I am re doing my house slowly like that LOL – If you like doing crafts you can get sand and sea shells from a beach and make poster boards and frame it also! I hope I helped some, good luckl ~~

Answer #6

thanks. I think I’ll try some of these things. my room now is pink and yellow ans it’s kinda likea lil kid room cause I’ve had it like these forever. and it needs some changes. but thanks.

~ Tela [[xoxo]]

Answer #7

I want to do the same thing to my room! I have hawaiin leis that I hang in random places like on lights. I got a beach themed comforter and blue sheets. I have white furniture and painted the handles/knobs blue. I got random pictures of the beach from google and put them in light wood frames and I love how it looks. I have a bulletin board and I found beachy pictures and just put them on there. my favorite part of my room is a giant mural of a window with a beach in the background. its really cool. good luck, hope you get the room you want.

Answer #8

you could get Haviana light thats what I have and new doona covers always work. curtains also do the trick

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