Decorating my room?

The best way to decorate a youth room?!?!any ideas ?

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1.paint the walls with your fav colers
2.I would suggest you have wood floors so that when you are having a sleepover and you spill something its easier to clean up.
3. have a couch or something like that if you like that type of thing
4. have tour room the way it makes you happy

ANSWER #2 of 3

What are you into? Think about things you like or colors your like.
You could go with a princess theme and have mostly pink.
Or a more punk rock theme with band posters and stars and neon colors.
If your more into sports, have a sports theme.
It really should be about what your interested in and what you like and makes you happy.

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ANSWER #3 of 3

Paint the walls black and dot them with white 'stars". Add a moon and maybe a spaceship or something...

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