What bedroom theme options do i have using the colours light blue, turquoise, or light green?

I'm moving my bedroom into a different room, but I don't know what colors to paint my room or what theme. My only real color options are light blue, turqouise, or light green. Please help!!! Also, if it helps, my furniture is white.

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Light green. It goes well with a lot of things :)

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Thats what I was thinking!!! Thanks!

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I have like a ''sea blue'' room. It's bright with a hint of light green. Well I have white furniture with it and it looks AMAZING! But ngl it is SUPER hard to find things to go along the same color scheme and theme.

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Yeah. My comforter is blue, turqoise and green, so I am trying to base it off of that.

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The combination of the two colors (light green and turqouise) will be great. :D

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I like that! I'll buy samples and see what it looks like together!!

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I think turquoise is a pretty/fun color that would look really good with your white furniture.

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Light green for sure. If you go to the paint store and look at samples, they can mix anything you want so it's exactly the shade you're lokking for.

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