What do you think about adults drinking alcohol at a children's birthday party?

I was just looking through pics and noticed people having parties such as a child’s first birthdaywith plenty of beer cans laying in the background. Would you allow that at any of your children’s parties? Do you think it is ok because it makes it more entertaining for the adults involved?

I wanted to clarify something before this post went on. The parties are FOR the children such as a child’s birthday party.

I have my own views about this mainly because of the way I was raised and how my family is. The adults always had alcohol at any party in my family, they still do to this day. I dont see a problem with it and it never caused any problems with the children also.

Answer #1

Children learn what they live.

Answer #2

colethky Exactly. I never said anything about giving teenagers, or kids alcohol. I’m talking about the parents, who are very well over the legal age.

Answer #3

That sounds like mi familys kids birthday parties…there’s always alcohol at the parties mi family throw…I don’t know why there just is

Answer #4

What is up with all the people thinking your saying it’s ok for teenagers to drink at a party? Of course that’s not ok…I also don’t agree with anyone suppling alcohol to a teenager. As for the adults then as long as they don’t get out of control and they remember who the party is for who cares?

Answer #5

well, for the adults it’s ok. however, if they want to do it, they have to be more careful. the law is tightening rules on minor parties and alcohol. all I can say is to be careful what you do.

Answer #6

I think its ok but it is a bad example for middel aged kids

Answer #7

I didn’t say anything about teenagers and kids drinking, that’s a whole nother topic. I would never supply teenagers with alcohol. I’m talking about the parents of the children. In our family, alcohol is brought to every party. It doesn’t get out of control, but we do have a “good ol’ time.”

Answer #8

Even if the teenagers drink it, as long as they understand to not drive, not to get crazy, and stay in the house, the Alcohol is OK. It is a party, not a funeral. Fun and frolic is OK even in a Fascist country!

Answer #9

I dont think alcohol is needed to have a good time. At least, in my life it hasnt been that way. Now, I dont see a problem with a couple of wine coolers or a coupld of beers, but if it were to get excessive, and turn around to be about the adults, then I think I would have to put a stop to it. The children need to be the main focus, not who grabbed the last bud light.

Answer #10

when someone throws a party for a 1 year olds birthday, the party is not actually for the 1 year old. there is no reason why a one year old would even want to have a party.

Answer #11

I was actually just watching my 1st birthday party video the other day and all the adults had alcohol. It’s always been like that with my family too. I don’t think little kids would even think about trying it. I think it makes the parents more excited to be there and involved. I don’t see a big problem with it I don’t think the little kids would try it.

Answer #12

my parents have been drinking as long as I can remember and im glad becuase it was amazing sitting down with my dad for the first time and having a beer with him so I really dont think there is any problem with it at all!!!

Answer #13

Well little kids proboly wont drink it because if they tasted it it would be groos for them but teens might try to sneak one..lol but no I dont think theres really a big problem wiht it

Answer #14

hannah_k How will drinking at your child’s birthday party, cause your child to become a drunk? If your child becomes a drunk it’s either because:

  • You let them get away with drinking when they were younger.
  • They have the addictive gene (there’s nothing you can do about that one)
  • You didn’t teach them how dangerous alcohol can be.
  • You didn’t teach them how to control themselves

Just because a parent drinks DOES NOT Mean that their child will become an alcoholic. That’s ridiculous.

Answer #15

I say save it till the kids bed time, thats what we do at my family partys, after the kids have had their day then the adults have their time. However I dont see nothing wrong with adults having drink in the day aslong as the kids are being looked after and no one is hammered and its not in reach of the kids. I know some people who use kids partys as an excuse to get drunk and I think thats wrong but aslong as people are being responsible then go for it.

Answer #16

Well as a parent I would not have alcahol at a childs birthday for gods sake, but some parents do and that is fine its your child. But I would deffinatly say no, you are this young persons roll model and you want them to grow to be successful and to succeed not be a drunk.Although just because you like to have a few beers here and their is not a problem at all.

Answer #17

amblessed My family has all drank at every party including children’s birthday parties, ever since I could remember. I have over 30 cousin’s that came to these parties. None of them became alcoholics, none of them had drinking problems, and almost all of them did not drink before they were supposed to. Just because a grown up has a drink, does not mean that a child will drink also. You just have to explain to them about alcohol and how it’s not for young people and teach them about the possible dangers and consequences.

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