Do you think teachers have a right to denigrate students because of their lack of incentive and progress in class?

It’s really weird because not only does this not solve the problem of student engagement it also adds more kindle to the flame. However, this teacher disagrees -

What I don’t get is, not only is she not setting a horrendous example of how teachers handle lack of student motivation, participation, and progress; she also thinks it’s great to just whine and complain about all the time. Doesn’t it make her almost hypocritical that she’s complaining about students acting like this: better yet; if she doesn’t like the job – why is she working there in the first place?


Answer #1

I kinda do agree, some teachers sometimes don’t want to be there, they are just there because they have too, they got a degree, she needs money, so might as well take advantage of what she has even if she hates it. I think the teacher has a right to tell the student, on a certain way, that he/she needs to step it up in class because he or she is only making things harder on his or herself. But, call out him or her and bring him down and what not because the student is not traying hard should not be allowed, I think, it only brings more conflict, because I know that if I was that certain student I would argue with her and give her a little piece of my mind! If she complains, I don’t find that very surprising, my teachers do that all the time, they say how we need to step it up, that where not traying our hardest, and ask us what is going on with us lately. I also think that it depends on what level she complains at and stuff, if she does it like a little baby, again, needs some better skills on how to adapt with students who are falling behind, and understand that some students learn their own way, and wont become smart in a certain subject just because she did her work in teaching it.

Answer #2

In my work place, if there is a student with slow progress, he will be told to have extra lesson focusing on parts that the student has found it difficult to understand. If this student still has problem, we usually invite his parents to have a discussion on the matter. There are some options to find the solution to the problem, either this student is sent to special school for students who need special attention, mostly are for those students who have a bit lower IQ (after being in IQ test), or having home schooling, then at any time he is ready he can go back to school again, or still being in the class but having extra private lesson at home.

Answer #3

I’m all for people working for a living but when it comes to teaching, they cannot do this. A teacher is a very important job here and the Board of Ed really needs to stop hiring people who cannot teach just because they have the requisites. We’re talking about a very impressionable youth here. I get what you’re saying there, with teachers asking students to step their game up, but she isn’t doing that at all, she is whining her a** off on her blog using vulgar words to describe her students. It’s great that she’s complaining and all but, seriously, it’s her job to make sure that students are learning, why instead of working on a solution, she thinks the best idea is to simply blow off steam? Oh and good answer by the way!

Answer #4

This is considerably better than just saying students are lazy and whine a lot. It actually has some progress in it.

Answer #5

Here we have the No Child Left Behind bs still in play soooooooooo the class is taught based on the kids that have slow progress and in my opinion some of the children are failing school cause of boredom and arent being stimulated enough….my little brother being one of those kids.

Answer #6

I absolutely agree with you. Some students have IEP’s (individual education plans) but that does not make them “stuiped” it just simply means they learn at a slower pace then some other children. Children (under 18 they are still a child so im just going to say that, no offense to anyone) need to integrated in “normal” classroom settings because not only will it hurt their self image, but it will not challenge them enough to go to the next level completely. Children with IEp’s can go in the “normal” classroom but the teacher will know what to expect of him/her thus causing less stress on both ends. For this teacher to complain about such a thing is just shocking, as a teacher you must look at everything from that persons stand point and think of new ways to make it better for that person, and the class as a whole. Sometimes i really just want to smack a person for the things they say lol.

Answer #7

No They Don’t.! My Son Has Asbergers And Learns At A Slower Pace.. He Got His IEP. And Goes To PARC With Me Everyone Learns At Their Own Pace. That Does No Good,, You Have To Have Patience Don’t Put Slow Learners In The Same Class.

Answer #8

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