Who thinks it's okay for teachers to make you announce your grades in front of the class?

My biology teacher makes us say our quiz scores in front of the class. I mean, it doesn’t bother me much but I think it’s embarrassing for other students when they get below average scores. I guess it might show them to get higher scores so they won’t be embarrassed but I also think grades should be a bit more private.

Answer #1

If they are above a 75… yes!

Answer #2

I think grades should be private. This used to happen when I was at school, the kids that didn’t do so well in class would be embarrassed but tried to act cool about it. It would just make them think they were cool in front of everybody getting low grades. I also didn’t like getting the top grade because everybody would be like UGH YOU AGAIN >.<’ and it would make the top students feel awkward about getting good grades.

Answer #3

It’s not right. I mean, I dont really care what anyone thinks, I could have gotten a 40 or something and not really care about saying it out loud, but not everyone is like that. :)

Answer #4

Heck no….I’m pretty sure they cannot do that. Depending what ur grades are it could be humiliating. Horrible teacher.

Answer #5

But then everyone would automatically know that those who havent been announced got lower than a 75. Wouldnt that defeat the purpose?

Answer #6

I dont think it is ok. I dont get bad grades, but making people feel bad isnt going to make them study any harder in the future.

Answer #7

I agree.

Answer #8

I agree.

Answer #9

i think that if teachers announce the grade, it makes the kids who didnt do so well feel bad, and makes the kids who always get good grades boast about themselves. like if the teachers announces who got an A or B, then the other people will get embarassed. some kids study really hard, but they still get a C.

Answer #10

If it was a comment that the teacher made to a student while the teacher was near the student, and that others overheard - then it might be OK. But if it involved the teacher announcing the grades to the class as a whole, I think that is a HORRIBLE idea. If my child had been in a class like that I would have been in the Principal’s office WITH the teacher, asking what they were trying to accomplish.

Answer #11

Well meaby that way they will know that getting a bad grade is not cool Is bad, they will know that as they complitly ibarrass themselfs and look like dumb people. It’s a good technique so meaby people can try harder next time. I mean grades arent that private really. I mean Don’t kids like to be “Billy Bad A**” ?

Answer #12

it should all depend on yuh and what yuh want

Answer #13

The rest of the class is gonna ask what you made anyway!

Answer #14

Yes, but you dont have to answer… which doesnt necessarily translate into anything…

Answer #15

As a teacher, you could ask her (or have your parents ask her) to stop doing that. It’s an invasion of your privacy. It also encourages others to possibly alienate you (for your grade being either too high or too low) which can lead to other issues (bullying, etc). If the teacher feels the need to let you know what your grade is, then she could have you write a 4 digit number code (like the last 4 of your social security number) next to your name on your test paper. Then she could call out your number and your grade (ie. “5381 got a 38/F”).
As students you would have to make sure your code is unique enough not to be copied (I wouldn’t recommend 1234, 9999, 6969, 4321, etc) but something you can remember. No one would know your code but you, unless you share it or make it obvious by your reaction to your grade after your code is called out.
If the teacher refuses to stop calling out your name and grade, then your next stop is the principal. If that doesn’t work, then you go to the school board. You have a right to privacy.
That all being said, your teacher does have the right to simply refuse to announce any grades (using a code or otherwise) which means you may have to wait longer to find out your grade.
Good luck!

Answer #16

not me!!! all my friends call me ‘nerdy mc nerd nerd’ coz i always get A’s

Answer #17

Not particuarly, I think it’s a major privacy issue. Because those who didn’t perform so well on a test- for example didn’t have time to study because of work or whatever-shouldn’t have to be humiliated in front of the class as well. I think it’s unfair, the teachers I’ve had fortunately gave us the option of we go see it ourselves, or they announce it. And being able to decide is what I thought was best becausethen if I did awful, then I didn’thave to be ashamed in front of everyone. If I did well, then I wasn’t afraid to announce what I got if someone asked me. :)

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