Taking pictures of lightning?

What happens if you take pictures of lightning or thunder?? I’ve heard that the flash develops into some kind of electrical force that can attract the lighning and you can get struck by taking a picture of it, is that true??

Answer #1

Excellent point - no need to use flash when photographing lightning.

Whoever told you that the flash from the camera will draw the lightning to you, however, is pulling your leg.

Answer #2

Uh, I’ve never heard of that. If you’re wanting to capture lightning, video tape it on your camera, if it has one, & turn it into a picture from that! I did the same thing, and my picture placed 4th in a contest!

Answer #3

You’re supposed to use high-speed film, night or minimal light settings, and NO FLASH. And most of the ‘good’ lightning photos are taken from a fair distance away from the storm, not directly under it.

Perhaps the older style ‘flash eject’ bulbs from the 40s-50s could’ve radiated ‘something’ other than light when they were used, ozone perhaps. But I don’t think modern camera flashes emit anything but light, since they’re contained in a sealed housing on the camera; so the chances of a lightning strike will remain fairly remote.

That is, unless you’re in an empty field, with a metal tripod, and a jumbo umbrella, on stilts, singing ACDC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ while thumbing your nose at Zeus.

If you do that, I promise you I will be TOTALLY unsympathetic. Oh, and I don’t think you’ll be able to capture thunder on film, since its a noise.

Answer #4

For a start, why would you use a flash when taking pictures of lightning? Flashes aren’t magic devices that make pictures brighter - they can only illuminate things within a few meters of the camera, which lightning (hopefully!) isn’t within a few meters - and is a lot brighter than the flash anyway.

Even if you did use a flash, though, there’s no way it would attract lightning. Standing wet in an empty field with a metal tripod and camera, during a thunderstorm isn’t the best idea, though.

Answer #5

who ever told you that is insane. that doesnt make any sense at all.

Answer #6

how can you take a picture of thunder?

And no taking a picture of lightning will not hurt you.

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