Im 15 And My Daughter Jayden Is 5 Months Old !

I love my daughter Jayden so much waking up to her chatting in the morning in her cot and as I look over I get that cheeky smile which just makes waking up worth while I love being a mum but it is so hard and I feel so alone sometimes when all I have to do is pop to the shops to get some milk or anything really and I see my old friends having fun and they dont even stop to say hello they would leave a commnt like ‘ see ruined your life ‘ or ‘ I warned you about sleeping with him ‘ or ‘ should of used a condom ‘ is not fair 2 of them I used to be BESTfriends with but now they dont want to know ! is so hard and really all I need is my two best friends they stuck around for the pregnancy and until Jayden was 3 weeks old then they had enough and we stopped talking why do you think they stopped alking to me and dont want nothing to do with me anymore ?

Answer #1

If they were true friends, they’d still be there.

Answer #2

You really don’t have much in common with them anymore. Think about what you talked about after you had Jayden. Could you really relate to what they were talking about? How about when they talked about school or something funny someone said, would you just sit there and listen? They probably did they same thing when you talked about your daughter. Not that they were trying to be ignorant or rude, but to a fifteen year old diapers or what type of formula you use is not a conversation. And god forbid if you told them about your labor or how Jayden is keeping you up at night or those nasty poops that she does. Before you had her, would you of wanted to talk to someone about that kind of stuff?

You have changed, you’ve grown up before your time, your friends haven’t. Follow the previous advice given, find some friends that are mothers. You will be able to connect with them easily, they will understand everything you’re going through.

And if you need to talk, there are a LOT of mothers on FunAdvice that I’m sure would love to swap baby stories with you!

Good luck with your daughter and congratulations

Answer #3

I’ve seen some very good advise so far.

I agree that it is probably because of the baby, whether it was their decision or their parents not to let them hang out with you anymore. I wasn’t quite that young I was seventeen. I also had two best friends. My friends were Ann and Jess. Jess ran away shortly before I found out I was pregnant, and Ann’s mom wouldn’t let her talk to me. I changed schools so that I could have Timmy with me all day and went to live in a group home, which was the best thing that ever happened to me , other than Timmy and my husband.

It took a few months but eventually, Ann’s mom let her talk to me again. I already had some new friends, and more importantly, I learned I could handle things without my friends.

If it’s a matter of parents, they’ll be back. If it’s an issue of fear, jealousy or akwardness, there is still a possibility of repairing the friendship if you reach out to them. Don’t get your hopes up, but don’t give up without trying.

Answer #4

I know when I had a baby, my circle of friends changed too. I can’t imagine being a mother at fifteen. Looking back, I can remember being so awkward about friendships and how I valued them. Try to understand that you friends just don’t understand what life is like with a child. They probably tried, but your life has changed so much. It is beyond their realm of understanding. Try to find some young moms in your area to start hanging out with and bounce parenting ideas off of. It is actually really cool to bond with other women just by talking about diaper brands and favorite toys and whatnot. Best wishes.

Answer #5

its hard im 16 and I sure in the hell wouldnt have had a kid but its done say f@#$ your old friends and continue your life

Answer #6

Thats Exactly What Everyone Else Has Said So Far :S Do You Think They Are Also Jelous Of Jayden Because They Probably Think It All Revolves Around Jayden Now Because I Dont Have As Much Time For My Friends Anymoree ?

Answer #7

probably because of the pregnancy or if your so unsure just ask them but of course, 15 is a young age to have a baby so your freinds probably dont think of you as the girl they used to know its not likley that youll get them back as freinds so its best to move on and make new ones

Answer #8

It is because you were pregnant and so young. Also was it their decision or did their parents find out and not allow them to friends with you anymore? I know that sounds messed up but I’ve seen it happen before. I feel like if they were true friends then they would have stuck beside you and be there for you and your baby. I know my friend had a baby at 16 and I’m not leaving her side. Like jsparrowlvr said I would try and find somewhere where you can go and be around other young mothers because you will be able to relate so much better.

Answer #9

It’s so hard being a mom at such a young age. Maybe they don’t feel that they know how to relate to you having a child now. If that is the case, they weren’t as true of friends as you had thought. I would try finding a family resource center in your area where you can take your baby and be around other moms. You need support and friendship and have to find ways to get it, because you don’t want to start resenting your baby. Good luck, sweetie.

Answer #10

Apperantly they werent truly bestfriends because a lot of mine did that to except my bestfriend hannah; Andmy family; but its their loss; :] not yours trust me.

Answer #11

find some new friends

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