Want to know why is america still in iraq?

I just want to know why is america still in iraq?

What is our goal?

Answer #1

Still looking for WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, that don’t exist…you guys have them all…if nobody has them the world wouldn’t have to worry. Terrorists are world wide, not in one country…does that mean the US invades everywhere illegally?

War…War…what is it good for??

Answer #2

Were still there because if we leave than Iraq will be terrorized again so we are just making sure it’s stable before we leave

Answer #3

war sucks ..but we didnt start this one..if Mr clinton had paid attention to the memo’s.. to the warnings he WAS given, instead of trying to lie to us about THAT WOMAN we wouldnt even be there now…so sick of people blaming President Bush..we would’nt want anyone else in office when 9-11 happened..what would gore have done? we’d have planes landing on opur houses by now…look, I dont like it at all.. but this is a war against terrorism..go live in Isreal for a little while and try to live day to day w/out fear…we only got a taste of what others go through,but we’re not going to put up with it ,We are Americans, and as the leaders of the free world,well lets just say the terrorists bit off a little more than they can chew…pls don’t forget the civilians killed by them, mothers,fathers,sisters and brothers…and maybe YOUR friend…Thank you George Bush and thanks to our soldiers…oh by the way the WMD are probably in syria… how did the iran -iraq war end? saddam used chemical weapons, thats how…

Answer #4

if it is war for oil, why am I spending 200 bucks a week for gas for my truck? sry I don’t see it that way..I used Isreal as an example because of all the suicide attacks in the last few years… but rickd is right ..if we dont fight it over there, we’ll be fighting it here. I DONT WANT US THERE EITHER but it is absolutely neccesary! my dad fought in WWII and thank goodness we fought that one or we would all speaking German today. sorry if I have offended anyone, but this question was going to lead to nothing but debate, and the right to have a different point of view than someone else was given to us by our founding fathers after liberating THEMSELVES, and thats given us the the freedom to say what we want without being killed by the government…my dad put his life on the line for me AND you for us to have that right to speak our minds,to be heard…did I just hear of another attack in yemen this morning? al quaida taking responsibity? notice that happened over there and not HERE !maybe we can all agree on this, lets pray our soldiers get home to their families safely and we can end this thing sooner than later…k?

Answer #5

We’re still in Iraq because it’s making people money. Anybody who has served in the military during the Iraq war knows that this is a contractor’s war. Private agents working for companies like Black Water are making six figures in the desert, while their management is making even more dough back in the States selling weapons to the government. Many people are now leaving the active duty military to work for Black Water and other companies who have contracts with the government. And of course, there’s the whole Halliburton issue. It’s to line the pockets of those connected to the Bush administration.

The public is opposed to the war, but no one has the political will to challenge the Bush administration and end it. Even the next president will have the difficult job of trying to save face for the US while meeting the public’s demand to bring the troops home.

Answer #6

“The only thing these developing countries understand is toughness. Soft diplomacy does not work. We fight on foreign soil, so we do not have to do it on our own. It keeps us safe, and it protects our oil interests. United States invented the Auto. WE discovered their damn oil. We invented the means of extraction, and we extracted it. Ask this question; Without the U.S., how long would it have taken for saudi’s to invent the automobile?”

rickd, the question was about Iraq, not the Saudis. And do you really think we have right, or moral authority, to create a terrorist battleground out of a relatively stable country that did absolutely nothing to us?

Who invented what is meaningless when talking about a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

“if it is war for oil, why am I spending 200 bucks a week for gas for my truck? “

irrismith, that was the goal. It was not to reduce the price of oil. It was to increase it, so Bush and Cheney’s buddies in the oil industry could make record profits. Their plan worked perfectly for them.

Please don’t give me any crap about WWII. It is irrelevant. That war was absolutely necessary, this war wasn’t. To compare it to WWII, is an insult to the Greatest Generation. They actually had to suffer and sacrifice during that war. What sacrifices have Americans been asked to make for this war? Oh yeah, Bush said we should all go shopping.

Answer #7

irrismith, Do you really think the rise in the price of gas has anything to do with the dems taking a slim majority in congress? You need to get off the right-wing talking points and do some research. The dems have been able to do very little because of republican filibusters in the senate. Remember when the reps had control and were calling dems obstructionists for filibustering? Well the republicans have fillibustered far more than the dems ever did. In fact they may even break a record for filibusters.

The Dems had nothing to do with the price of gas. It was caused by the war in Iraq and instability in the mid east, as well as deregulation of the commodities market that allowed speculators to drive the price up.

Do you think it is a coincidence that we have 2 oil men in the white and the the price of gas has more than tripled and oil companies are reporting record profits every quarter?

Stop drinking the koolaid.

Answer #8

“but rickd is right ..if we dont fight it over there, we’ll be fighting it here.”

If al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups had the desire to bring a war to US soil, they could do so now, regardless of where our military forces are fighting. Our society still has many vulnerabilities that terrorists could easily exploit. The truth is, they don’t have that desire. There is little to no real terrorist threat to the US mainland. The 9/11 attacks were an isolated incident. The FBI’s exhaustive investigations, widespread surveillance, and multiple arrests have not revealed anything.

Most Islamic extremists consider direct attacks on the far flung United States to be foolish and counterproductive…that much the intelligence community has learned. Their goals are all related to what’s happening in the Middle East, and the only real terrorist threat facing Americans is the one to US forces stationed in Muslim countries.

The “fight ‘em there so we don’t fight ‘em here” argument is nothing more than a justification for further war profiteering.

Answer #9

“Victory”…it’s undefined as more than that, though.

Answer #10

“against terrorism”

maybe you should describe exactly what you mean by terrorism… there is terrorism in countries all over the war, people kill others for all kinds of reasons and yet the U.S. only gets involved when there’s oil involved? please dont kid yourself that it is about “terrorism”

Answer #11

irrismith - Certainly you do not think that ANY of the 9/11 terrorists were from Iraq!

Or perhaps you do. Sigh. Please do your homework BEFORE answering a question such as this.

Answer #12

thank you ty. good answer!

irrismith The Israelis hold their own and actually have not acted in the best way towards others. So don’t hold them up as an example.

Answer #13

why are you spending $200 for your truck? because of the people who are making the money from the war and the increased gas prices… (I.e. the Vice president and his buddies)

never mind I see jimahl already got that one…

Answer #14

to quote myself “ but this is a war against terrorism” never said pilots were from Iraq.. which means it will be fought on ALL fronts .hundreds of thousandsof people..? oh whats the point

Answer #15

irrismith, what exactly have you been smoking? Clinton did not ignore a PDB tittled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US”. Clinton did not invade & occupy a country that had never done anything to us. Yes, Clinton lied about a blow job. Bush lied about reasons to go to war. A war that has killed HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE!

I don’t know where you are from, but I am from NY. And I personally knew people who died in those towers. And believe me, the family of those victims has not forgotten, but they would also never subscribe to the nonsense you are spewing.

I see you are good at parroting right-wing talking points, but you need to start getting your info from places other than FIXED News, Blimpaugh, and Sean Insannity.

Answer #16

“to bring democracy, freedom and economic stability to the area.. and stop murderous dictators”

Outside Baghdad, Iraq is basically a tribal society where the sheiks command a level of power most Westerners don’t understand. They settle property disputes, arrange marriages, and even tell people who to vote for. Iraq is also incredibly corrupt, on a scale that, again, would shock many Westerners. Corruption doesn’t permeate only the government, but every facet of society.

For these reasons, I don’t believe installing a Western style democracy in Iraq is even remotely possible in the near future. There have been some reforms to their political system, and there are basic freedoms that didn’t exist before. But the country is still not a democracy and likely never will be in our lifetime.

Answer #17

“but as far as war for profit… uh uh aint buyin it”

It doesn’t really matter whether you buy it or not. All you need to do is ask someone in the military about Blackwater, or one of the other companies working over there under contract. It’s not some obscure conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. The administration is fighting this war to make certain companies rich. How else do you explain a security agent making $300,000 a year to do the same job as a US soldier?

Answer #18

To bring in democracy, plus, the government is afraid to take them out now. :|

Answer #19

maybe they should send the haliburton hurricane machine over there ..that’ll fix em hey I respect all your comments, we have that right to differ, but as far as war for profit… uh uh aint buyin it ..as far as the fuel, its the DEMS who managed to raise the price so nicely on us…lets see, gas was 1.98 gallon before the dems got control of the house now its 3.98 ..coincidence? good banter from both side…

Answer #20

irismith states that we are in Iraq “to bring democracy, freedom and economic stability to the area.. and stop murderous dictators”

Then perhaps our government should putting these murderous dictators into ruling positions.

Answer #21

“Iraq will be terrorized again” Who exactly was “terrorizing” Iraq before the U.S. decided to kill people and making a mess of the country?

Answer #22

the united states will probably ALWAYS have a base in Iraq from now on… just about every country we have liberated has a US army base… WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS… (loose word, victory..) to bring democracy, freedom and economic stability to the area.. and stop murderous dictators

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