Who do you want to become president?

ok I want to know everyones opinions on who they want to become president. see heres the thing I kinda want hillary to win seeing as she is a girl and she seems like she knows what shes doing but obamah just sounds like an awesome dude but with the whole terrorist thing and if he does win I just KNOW he is going to get shot, and for the other dude I just hate him, sending more guys into Iraq is just stupid. I understand the whole thing about not pulling out of Iraq but still. helppp

Answer #1

I just wish a true Leader with integrity would come riding in - the country desperately needs it.

Answer #2

Haha Im surprised nobody has tried to shoot obama, He is awesome though… well I used to think that until his vision of the white people “typical white person” I’m having a hard time wrapping that around my head lately. If hilary is voted in to office well she will be the first female president and there is a high chance of her getting shot aswell (because she is female no offence to anybody), the other guy well he just wont win with his antics on sending more troops into iraq, he has about 10% of the vote right now if that so don’t worry about him.

Honestly I want Obama to win, even though im not fond of him at the moment, he has a lot of great views against racism and making one love in the country… Sorry I just can’t stand another Clinton in office… Ahem I mean Bill’s clone running so he can do what he wants with the country… Who ever wins its going to change the ocuntry dramatically its exciting :)

Answer #3

I look forward to the day when a woman will be President but I don’t think Hillary is the best choice. I support Obama because he is most closely aligned with my values and I am hoping he will surround himself with educated people who can advise him on issues that he’s weak in.

Answer #4

Since I’m conservative, and I don’t want Hillary or Obomma to win, I guess John MCaine would be the best choice but, he’s somewhat liberal on certain issues but, at least we won’t have someone that supports terrorism. I don’t want anyone that’s inexperienced.

Answer #5

I would really like obama to win, I find it infantile that you choose to insult the other canidate thinking it’s going to change others opinions. negativity isn’t going to do any good. we all have our rights to our opinions and we each have our own there is no need to put down another person just cause they have a different opinion then you.

Answer #6

“I just wish a true Leader with integrity would come riding in - the country desperately needs it. “

Then I take it you will be voting for Obama? He is the only one who fits that descritption…

Obama will be our next president, and our long national nightmare will be over on Jan 20, 2009.

Answer #7

I didnt say the terrorist would kill him, there is the whole thing with him BEING a terrorist and I only said the other guy becasue I dont like him enough to actually care what the hell his name is. I want hillary to win because im sick of people saying women cant be presidents

Answer #8

Ohio maybe concerns me the most, because it was so important in the 2000 and 2004 elections. I would be thrilled to see the Dems carry PA with either Obama or Clinton. Florida and Michigan are also tough ones…the Dems have been able to count on MI in the last two elections, and I hope that continues this time.

Answer #9

I hear ya mjax, but think Obama will do better than you think…

Polls show that in PA, Obama is leading McCain by 5. Not as much as Clinton, but I think he will still take it.

Ohio is a different story, Hillary has a clear advantage there. But I think once the primary is over, McCain will start to slip once we are looking at them side by side.

And there are also states, like Iowa, VA, and NC that Obama can take, that Clinton wouldn’t carry.

Answer #10

im with ya on that amblessed. at first I was an Obama fan. but as time progressed he slowly lost my support. younger generation seems to support him. I’ll never vote for clinton. I guess obama’s the best choice out of default. I want to vote for mcain, but my gut say’s he won’t get the job done. so obama, even though I won’t be happy about it. doesn’t matter anyway because mcains going to win. Just like Bush took the Bible belt last election, macain will too.

Answer #11

lol, I’ve changed my mind a few times. At the beginning of the primaries, I was firmly in the John Edwards camp, as I was in the 2004 primaries. I didn’t have high hopes for him this year, though, because I was afraid he used up all his political momentum back then.

Since he dropped out I’ve become more of a Clinton supporter, since I have my doubts about Obama and because I believe she has a better chance of beating McCain than Obama. However, if it’s between Obama and McCain…well, I’m definately going with the former.

Answer #12

I actually think Obama has a much better shot at beating Old Man McCoot than Clinton. I think her negatives are way to high.

I too was an edwards supporter at first, and up until super tuesday, when I voted, I waffled back and forth over Obama and Clinton. In the end I pulled the lever for Obama, and am glad I did.

Answer #13

haha hostillity in this place!!! haha well I think obama would get shot by the KKK because they are still strong in the USA but very secretively and they are almost turning out nazism because of there new beliefs of a pure race and harming those who aren’t, only difference is they arent in a large enough group like the nazi’s to do the same amount of harm… But back to politics, Obama’s has the highest risk of being assassinated by a pro-white cult such as the KKK, Hilary also has a high risk of being shot too because she is a female and a lot of male Americans are still in the mind set of a male being a ruler not a female. The funny thing is that they are they hold most of the populations vote between the 2 of them… (maybe everybody wants to see somebody get shot…o.O… or a change for a better country… lol)

Answer #14

Well, I’d like to see a woman get into office, but I don’t want it to be Clinton. I used to like her when Bill was president but she has changed and just sems to be full of crap. She seems to only say what she thinks people want to hear. What she says depends on who she’s talking to.

I voted in the primary and my vote went for Obama just because he’s better than Clinton and I didn’t know the other guy. There were three in the running and I never even heard of the other guy and can’t find his name in a search. It wasn’t McCain or Edwards. I’ve never heard of him but I don’t keep up with politics too much.

I would vote for Steve Colbert if he was really running.

Answer #15

An Obama win will be a giant stepping stone for mankind.From slaves to the president of the most powerful nation on earth is a tale that would be told and retold throught human history..Hilary is just another upper crust stupid politician worth nothing..The world will remain the same if hillary wins,but if its obama,its a changed world..A new unified world where everyone can reach anywhere..Let it be the tombstone of racism..

Answer #16

Haha, it doesn’t sound like you know very much about our presidential canidates… You don’t even know who “The other guy” is… You only want hillary to win because she is a woman? (She has prooved herself stupid in more ways then ten). Times have changed and even though racism is still a problem, I believe it is less of one… And why the hell would it be the terrorists who kill obama? Are you aware that most people from other countries are pro obama? If the terrorists want to kill any of our presidents, they would have killed bush already… afterall, he is the one who brought that whole mess of a war to iraq.

Answer #17

Obama National Defense Plan - Dismantle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o84PE871BE

Answer #18

“I actually think Obama has a much better shot at beating Old Man McCoot than Clinton. I think her negatives are way to high.”

Well, we’ve discussed this before and you know I respect your views, but what concerns me is Obama’s performance in the “battleground” states. Clinton has done better than him in those places, including in polls against McCain. I am worried that come November, Obama will not carry those states. I just don’t think he has as much appeal to as many voters as the media would have us believe (minus Fox News, of course, who would have us all believe that Bush’s low popularity is CNN bias).

When it comes down to it, Clinton and Obama have almost identical views on most issues. Their differences have been exaggerated for the purposes of this campaign. So if Obama is the nominee, I’ll accept that and vote for him. But it’s not just about that, it’s about fielding a strong candidate against McCain. We have to be realists. And I just have too many doubts about Obama.

Answer #20

Christopher Walken

Answer #21

Bracack Obama. Not Mcain because he’s too old LoL

Answer #22

Your right about the fact that snding mor dudes 2 iraq is stupid, and im rooting for Hillary.

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