how can you get a full out split?

how can you get a full out split. not a straddle. I def. cant do that. but can anyone tell me how to do a split. because im almosttt all the way down.

Answer #1

I’m sooo with you but all I know to do is stretch them out while watching tv or reading to get your mind of things. It really helps!!! Good Luck!

Answer #2

Make sure you’re warmed up properly and get the heart pumping each time before you stretch. This will mean you…

a) are less likely to pull/damage anything

b) will get the most out of each stretching session. (If your muscles are warm and the blood is flowing easily through your body they will respond much better to stretching)

Doing something like jogging or skipping for a few minutes, or even dancing around to music at home will do!

Then when you are stretching, always stick to the rule of 3. By repeating the stretch 3 times, you will warm up into the stretch on the first go, then on the second push it that bit further. The third will push it even more and you’ll probably see a big difference between the 1st and 3rd stretch.

Hold each stretch for 30secs. Time yourself. This helps to take your mind off the pain/boredom of the repetition and also really gives the muscles time to benefit from the stretch.

Keep breathing. As you ease into any stretch, breathe out, and then on each out breath push into the stretch a little more. This will help to relax the muscles as well as keeping fresh oxygen circulating in your bloodstream, which feeds the muscles with energy and helps the stretching process.

NEVER bounce into a stretch. Be gentle.

Always repeat stretches on both sides to keep things balanced.

Listen to your body and don’t strain it. Any ‘bad’ pain and it’s time to stop.

And stick at it! you’ll get there!

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