Spanked as an adult.

Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home.

About a year after I moved back home after college, my mom became fed up with my immature behavior and temper tantrums. She informed me if I was going to act like a child then she would treat me like one. A rude awakening for me, she brought one of those large bath brushes, and paddled my bottom with it. It's more of an embarrassing spanking than painful, I mean it stings pretty good, but thats it. She didn't want to paddle my bare bottom but definitely wanted to take my pants down, so she came up with the idea of putting me in punishment panties to get paddled in. It kind of makes sense since I am mostly in thong panties anyway. She uses my college cheerleading uniform panties. Yes, spankies. So she takes my pants completely off and puts me in the spankies, and then over her knee. Totally embarrassing. After she paddles me she either sends me to my room or puts me in the corner. Even more embarrassing. The most humiliating thing is that my behavior has gradually improved. My best friend thinks it's hilarious. I guess I need to grow up or move out. Until then, my bottom gets put up and paddled like a little spoiled brat, and I do learn my lesson, eventually. :)

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oh my gosh!.. Sorry but your mum has issues, she actually undresses you =|. why the hell do you even let her do it? your not a kid. im 18 and my mum wouldnt even think about spanking me! I learn from my own mistakes and actions she doesnt have to punish me im not 5!

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Hey, what works, works. My mother just grounds 16 though.:)

Do you get spanked as an adult

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I'm glad that your mom still spanks you, you deserve it! At your age you should know how to act, and if not, you deserve to be taken back into the "baby" days and spanked like the baby your acting like.

I'm 16 and my mom still puts me over her knee now and than for my misbehaving actions, and wakes me up occasionally by spanking me just to remind me that she can and will spank me over her knee if needed.

If you grew up in the seventies did you get spanked or not?
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You're living in HER house, and your acting like a brat?
I hope your hide is tanned! Temper tantrumns and yelling at the age that you're supposed to be an adult--you deserve to be treated the age you're acting.

Grow up, doll.


am I too old for a spanking

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you deserved to be spanked, bare bottom... take it like a woman if you think you are...

Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?
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I would move out.

Were you spanked, and how?

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Maybe you should stop acting like a child then she would stop spanking you. If she's doing it because you act like a child then STOP. You're 18 not a baby, don't act like one. If she continues after you start acting your age then she needs some serious help...why are you letting her put you over her knee anyway? Aren't you big enough to get away?

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Hell, You need a better punishment. I know it's a mother's right to punish her child as she see fit but this could seriously damage your psychlogical health. I've never been spanked but I have been slapped 16 times on the leg full force by my father.He took it too far and my sister pushed him away.I was nine at this incident.You are 18 grow up or get a better punishment, mine's sitting on the floor with nothing to do but watch TV and I hate it! A better punishment would be a loss of privilages like mine.

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Omfg is this a fricken joke? lol ru kidding me you let your mom spank you and your over 18? you and your mom seriously need help im not trying 2 b mean im just telling you the truth.

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Lmao... wow... I wouldnt let my mother spank me... sounds to me like you enjoy it...
wich is a bad thing

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I'd suggest getting a webcam and starting an adult site for this, the profits could help pay for your own flat!!

So many silver linings...for all of us!

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is this a joke?
because I seriously cannot stop laughing.

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thats sexual harrasment lol but its mom shes doin for your good but yea

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yes I have been spanked by my x wife. Both of them as I needed. And I also spanked them when they acted like a little child.

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I'd suggest getting a webcam and starting an adult site for this, the profits could help pay for your own flat!!

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sorry my dear I think the same as rocteen but that is a load of bs and im sorry you had to put up wit that

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If my 18 year old was acting up, I don't care how old she is , I am her mother and I will discipline her. Mothers are forever mothers, after all. I still get disciplined by my mother and its only because she cares about me (not spanking but she sure puts me in my place and I am 44). I try to not disappoint her though, because I don't want to embarrass myself. My 18 year old, this weekend while wanting to visit her, called the police on her dad and I. This is why, it's because she is living in a residential school and lacks parental supervision, because we are not there. She is 18, I know but just because you are 18, doesn't mean that you are a adult. You young adults think you know everything, whatever. I know better, cause I was one of them. It's ridiculous to even conceive the notion that you have to spank a child, but let me tell you if that police officer wasn't there and we weren't at the residential school district, I would have turned her over my knees and busted her butt so hard she wouldn't be able to sit for 2 weeks. She embarrassed her father and me and she made herself look like a total idiot. We adopted this young lady and this is the thanks we get. If you are going through, this let me give you some advice. Don't call the cops on your parents, listen to them-they are probably right anyway, and do the right thing with your life. Your family will be the only thing for you anyway when your on your own, so quit taking advange of them. Grow up and take responsiblity for your own life.

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Am Sorry To write It But Your Mom Is "" SICK"" you have to tell her that it's stupid wt she's doin , an you know that if she kept doin that then You'll Become " Gay ", so she have to be careful bout wt shes Doin ...

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Does she see you completely naked?

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wow that's very strange. judging from your post, id have to agree with acid and say I think you enjoy it a bit. sounds like your mom has parenting issues, and perhaps a bit more. and you, well, I think perhaps you...

...maybe you both should get that looked into. I don't know where you're from, but where I'm from, that's plain old weird. sorry =\

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Wow...that is very, very crazy. You should remind your mom that you are old enough not to get spankings, and that you are mature enough to handle your behavior, and face the consequences.

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Are you serious?

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lol..good think your not hit...I know some who are mom used to do that to my younger brother...she was hitting him with a wooden log and I have to pull my brother and took that log and told my mom you want your son to just fear u? or to respect u...u don't need to hit him to make your point...

but it's not reasonable to be spanked at that age...but some parents are lunatics...they think their kids are stress balls...

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I'd wait 'til she screws up then give her a good one.

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put your mum in a home.

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My wife gave me a b'day spanking on my 50th birthday she was half way through it when in walked my mother-in-law (she came over to surprise us) boy did she ever. I (5'6" 165 lbs.) tried getting up but my wife (6'2" 190 lbs.) held me down and without missing a beat kept a conversation going with her. Barbara said the she forgot to get me a present and that maybe she could try her hand at giving me a birthday spanking too. No I screamed. Smack smack smack that's rude not excepting a gift from my mom (6'3" 225 lbs. and 75 years old). Sure you can mom and with that they switched and over her knee I went.

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If you act like you are a child then you should be treated like one. I'd spank you to if you were my child. I to am 18 years old, and I was raised in a southern family, and you are lucky. If I ever acted up like you do, not only would my butt be sore(I wouldnt be able to sit for like 2 weeks),I would also likely get my mouth washed out with soap, get the longest lecture ever and face corner time and grounding. You should consider your self lucky, cause the way you act, you would of never survived my family. I think you shouldnt take advantage of your mother. Now adays if I acted like YOU, I would be in for a rude awakening, I have never been bare butted before(with a paddle or a belt) and my uncle and one of my aunts would do that to me in a HEARYBEAT, by the way I act and treat them sometimes. I tend to have a Sassy, Rude, Disrespectfu side and if I act like that, they would barebutt me in a split second, but im not as Dumb as you, casue I usually get the hint after the 1st time. My family would whipp you into shape so fast your head would spin.

So personaly I think you got off EASY, she only gives you like one spanking. The fact is you DISERVE them.

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lol I think it's pretty funny.
I wish my mom would spank my older brother when he does dumb stuff.
It is also a little word to.
I haven't been spanked since I was like ten.
I don't think my parents could catch me though.

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this is NOT healthy at all. um...your mother has psychological issues. bad ones. and I'mma just go out there and say it, it sounds like you're a bit of a masochist yourself. like you enjoy bieng humiliated...??? either way, this is not healthy. you can do these things as a part of something kinky with your husband or boyfriend but...PARENTS?!??! imma leave you with one word, therapy...your mother needs it badly if she thinks this is normal.

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omg that is so freakin funny you don`t even know gosd if that happened to me I would be so freaked but hearin about is sooo funny I might pee myself rite now thanks I really needed somethin to laugh about

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act mature ;p and if it continues press charges for assault - you are over 18 - don't put up with that >.< as a last course of action...beat her arse go get you friends if you like, but beat her like she owes you money ok? make sure you have a place to stay before you go that route tho lol hope this helps ;p

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well , I remember a couple months ago , I was suppose to weld a cattle trailer for my dad and I didnt do it properly he got a bull whip and smacked me lol , but thats just for fun I think im almost 20 lol , but I remember my granny givin me a native whoopin with a willow stick when I was young though:( lol.

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I was spanked on my bare bottom by my partner's son for making her cry it hurts a lot but she says I deserved it now I get spanked often by him and I find it makes my penis stand up I'm fifty two years old

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