Am i too old for a spanking

im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent

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good luck babe, hope she stops lol :)

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my step dad spanked my older sisiters bare butt all thru high school

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Well don't know, I don't know what you've done but my (adopted) Dad would ALWAYS spank me bare bottom so you're not alone. He also had another way of making sure I had an EXTREMELY sore bottom, he would place me across his lap and with a small sheet of sandpaper rub my bottom, hard, for about 20-30 seconds, it didn't hurt much as he did it but afetr a minute felt like my bum was on fire!-VERY sore!. By the time he finished it was red, scorched and burning!. Then I'de stand in the corner, hands on my head and bottom on fire!. After half an hour Dad offered cream (which was VERY VERY embarrassing-having to poke my bare bottom out as my Dad gave it a good old rub with cream)! but I NEVER said no!-ANYTHING to ease the stinging!, infact I often said "more cream please Daddy" and PLEASE Dad give it a REALLY good rub, an extra's sooo sore"!, he did but I don't know what was more red-my face or my bottom!. Once I stayed in his boat with him and I'de been punished and kids could see him rubbing it in and were laughing!, one said "Daddy's rubbing your bare bottom"! which made me embarrassed but it helped the burning! and also his hands doing it comforted me. Then I said sorry and wanted a cuddle (I loved him a lot)...followed him everywhere!. I obeyed him and it worked a treat.

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My parents didn't think it was too old at 13. I was spanked with my pants pulled down (on my bare bottom) until I was 17 and moved out. The last time I was spanked in school was when I was 14, for fighting another boy (and of course, when I got home, my father pulled my pants and boxers down and gave me double the swats I got in school. But that was my father's (Roman Catholic) philosophy - any misbehavior by a boy living at home results in a pants-down spanking with a paddle - no exceptions. But I think I deserved every spanking I got (except when I got spanked fore wetting the bed, which I did until I was 15. At 12, my father started spanking me when I peed in the bed because he said I was too old to be peeing my pants). The spankings were very painful and did leave marks or red spots, but I never had bruises or worse. I'm not saying spanking a boy of 13 is right, it is just not that unusual. You may disagree philosophically with spankings, but unless they injure or are not just for punishment, they are the parent's decision.

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Yeah. I think it's too old, I'm 17, and I just get grounded, I would rather get spanked getting grounded is worse trust me

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First of all, she shouldn't be spanking your 'bare bottom'...that goes beyond what is acceptable, and she can be held accountable by child welfare.

It's uncommon for a 13 year old boy to get a spanking, but I can't help but wonder what you're doing to deserve it.

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Oww, I was never hit, and I'm not a hooligan, owww. Maybe adutss don't no how to care for kids and so hit them. And yes I think you are to old to get spanked, in fact it shouldn't happen.

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Yea I was spanked with a chainsaw but you know I'm not giving out my age but um
Yea you are a little to old my mom does that but she's joking but when I'm bad I'll get a fresh baked slap across the face
You should take slaps in the face say ''Mom slap me on the face from now on''
Because what if you have a girlfriend over hmm?
It would be better getting slaped in the face
In my opinion

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no I think thats wrong at your age, its very indecent and unrespectful on your mothers part as your 13 and going through pubity so your becoming a young adult. I personally think spanking is a bad punishment for a child anyway as I feel it promotes violence as a way of solving problems, I think a stern talk or even a raging argument is better than that. Maybe try to talk to her? Or your dad or a trusted relative or even a teacher at school, anyone who you feel comfortable with and you trust, good luck with it babe :)

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No your not to old to be spanked. the bare bottoms is tricky but Im sure your mom seen everything before. I'm almost 15 girl.and my dad spanks my little sis (11) and I when we do really bad things. He uses a thin wooden paddle which stings really bad on my panties or pjs. I haven't gotten bare since I was 10. Sometimes he still spanks my sis bare but he only uses his hand to spank her. You don't say if your mom uses anything to spank you but why don't you see if she led you keep your underwear on in exchange for her using something other than her hand.

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I agree with the first comment. A spanking is way to far, I meen a smack round the head or somthing would be more appropriate, is there any more 'touching' going on when you get this 'spanking' x

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You've been getting spanked all along, and how old is 13, really? You basically just finished Grammar School and whatever kinds of behaviors you were doing when you were younger you are still doing. Apparently spankings have always been a predictable consequence for you. You think you're too old to be spanked? Then stop acting like a child. I do have one comment in general to make about the whole subject of when to stop bare bottom spankings. It is this: don't start. I've never spanked any of my kids on anything less than their undies or pj's (and only with my open hand) and I know they got the message.

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Its wrong that you get spanked on the bare butt at that age , I think that only happened to me once with my dads belt cus I stole a candy bar at the store. Im 14 I still get spanked by my mom, she would slap me but I laugh when she does that.=D

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r you from england???

I get lapped round the head or on the arm if anything me sny my dad mess around by punchin eachother, but he always has a go at me, I am a 13yr old girl and I say your mum spankin you isnt norml but a girlfrind/boyyfriend or "good mate" is

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my grandmother and father says "you're never to old to get spanked"
I don't anymore..
but my grandmother still has her paddle that she used when my father was a little boy and she'd spank him with it today if ever did something wrong..

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yea you are to old!!

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Why should he be from England ? Corporal punishment is absolutely illegal in schools throughout the UK. Parents can smack over 3's to 18's with the flat of the hand only and must not leave any mark worse than reddening.

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Ok that's just wrong

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I think that kids shouldn't be hit as a punishment because it then tells the kid that if someone does something that's not accepted in their eyes they deserve to be hit

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i don't think your'e too old, i'm 14 and my dad still uses a belt to spank me and it really hurts and leaves buises and welts, but i only get it when i deserve it.

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